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Thread: Countach front area dimension help

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    Countach front area dimension help

    Hello everyone,
    I hope someone here will help me...I need some dimensions for a Countach, (distances) for the nose(marker/running lamps, and headlights) the distances I need are from the front of the nose behind the bumper to the edge of the cover trim, then length of the cover trim(edge to edge), then the distance(spacing) between the edge of the cover and the headlight cover and finally the length of that . I've enclosed a sample photo which I added the areas I need the dimensions on( indicated by a question mark). Once again I sincerely hope someone will be able to give me these measurements.

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    Re: Countach front area dimension help

    If nobody can give you the measurements then, you can buy a quality model and use a micrometer to measure the distance and multiply it by whatever the scale is. 1/18 just multiply it by 18,12 by 12 exc...... micrometer is accurate because the distance measured wont slip when your trying mark it as if your trying with a ruler.

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    Re: Countach front area dimension help

    you might be able to get the correct distance by using the wheel size or something to give you the correct scale on the picture.

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    Re: Countach front area dimension help

    I have them ;D

    I got ny hands on a real one for three days. I have more too! ;D

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