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Thread: 84-87 fiero hubs vs. 88 fiero hubs?

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    84-87 fiero hubs vs. 88 fiero hubs?

    I was browsing WCF online when I noticed the huge $ difference between the 88 big 12" brake kit, and the 84-87 12" kit.
    Apparently, the 88 calipers will work fine with the 12" corvette c4 rotors, but the earlier fiero calipers have to be changed to the vette kind. My question is this:

    Can the 88 hubs and calipers be fitted to an 87 and earlier for this upgrade, or would it require a huge effort, switching spindles, suspension, etc.?

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    Re: 84-87 fiero hubs vs. 88 fiero hubs?

    88 hubs and calipers will fit your 87 spindles. The only problem is, the 87 spindles were not designed to handle the torque that the 88 rotors and hubs will generate. There is a HUGH difference between an 87 and 88 brake system in front. Its best not to use the 88's larger rotors and calipers on the 87 spindle, even though they will fit. If you just want to swap the hubs from the 88 onto the 87, thats fine. If you install the larger 88 rotors onto that set-up, you may be looking at spindle failure under heavy braking.
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    Re: 84-87 fiero hubs vs. 88 fiero hubs?

    When I faced this problem with the weaker 84-87 spindles I decided to use the Slalom front suspension from Ryane Motorsports (Now Held). I thought it would be much better to go this way for safety sake. You can use the Corvette 12 inch rotors or Wilwood rotors like I did. There is something scary about driving at speed the snapping off a wheel while trying to stop. Even though Lee is somewhat non responsive when you want to purchase something from him, If you plan far enough ahead in my opinion, those parts are the best way to go.
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    Re: 84-87 fiero hubs vs. 88 fiero hubs?

    Thanks for the input, please elaborate with me further and bear with me here for a moment for the sake of discussion, if the 87 and earlier spindles are to weak to handle the torque the bigger brakes and rotors would create, then wouldn't purchasing the big brake kit for the 87 at the higher cost still have the same issue, as it does not come with new spindles, just an adapter to mount the vette calipers to the 87 spindles, vette calipers, vette rotors, and concentric hub rings. ??? ??? This all sounds reasonable and logical to me, just because someone sells you something to make it fit, does not mean it will work the way you want it too. Are there any here on the forum that have purchased this set up or a similar one? Did they meet with the unsatisfactory results anticipated concerning spindle failure due to increased torque? Is it possible to switch the spindles to 88 style for the brake upgrade, or would that mean my suspension parts would not bolt up to the different spindles and have to be switched over as well? Thanks!

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    Re: 84-87 fiero hubs vs. 88 fiero hubs?

    Here is another option but you still have the issue of the top of the spindle twisting.

    BRAKES FOR THE FIERO (84-87 Pontiac Fiero, '88 compatibility unknown)
    This list is furnished for information only and describes the parts used in my brake installation on a 1987 Pontiac Fiero.

    The author accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or its validity of this information.

    Bill of Materials:

    4 each Raybestos P/N 7993 11.280" Vented Rotors (rear, 89-94 Chrysler LeBaron)

    1 each CarQuest P/N 18-4071 Front Caliper, rebuilt, 82-89 Chevrolet Camaro

    1 each CarQuest P/N 18-4072 Front Caliper, rebuilt, 82-89 Chevrolet Camaro

    1 each CarQuest P/N 18-4138 Rear Caliper, rebuilt, 79-81 Pontiac Firebird

    1 each CarQuest P/N 18-4139 Rear Caliper, rebuilt, 79-81 Pontiac Firebird
    (These calipers must be identified with casting Nos. 021 and 022)

    8 each Caliper bolts

    2 sets CarQuest P/N D-154 Disc Pads (Front and rear are same)

    1 each CarQuest P/N 2218 Master Cylinder, (92-94 Chev/GMC Blazer/Jimmy)

    Aluminum, 1.125" bore

    4 each 3/16" X 24" Teflon stainless steel braided brake hoses. (Stock hoses are too short)

    4 each Earls P/N 600773 .400" Banjo fittings for above

    4 each Earls P/N 989534 Female 10mm X 1 adapter ends for above

    4 each 1/4" AN-type rubber insulated clamps (to secure brake hoses)

    10 each Dorman P/N 610-323 Wheel studs, 12M1.50, X 55mm X 12.67mm knurl diameter wheel studs for front hubs.

    2 each Caliper adapters for front, (burned, drilled and tapped 3/8" steel plate)

    2 each Caliper adapters for rear, (burned, drilled and tapped 3/8" steel plate)

    4 each 12M1.50 X 40mm Hex head cap screws for front adapters.

    8 each 12mm or 1/2" Split Lock washers for 12 mm bolts

    4 each 12M1.50 X 25mm Hex head cap screws for rear adapters.

    4 each 1" Round X .500" X .435" thick spacers for front caliper adapters.

    4 each .060" thick SAE flat washers for rear caliper spacers.

    2 each E-brake cable housing stops (burned and drilled 1/4" plate)

    1 quart SAE 3 or better Brake Fluid

    1 each 12M1.50 Starting tap

    1 each 27/64 High Speed Twist Drill

    Re-used Materials

    4 each Banjo fitting bolts from Fiero calipers

    2 each Front hub assemblies, modified with the disc rotors machined off to leave hub
    flange approximately 5/8" thick.

    2 each Fiero E-brake cable return springs.

    1 lot Fiero E-brake cables.


    1. It is possible to reuse the front hoses on the rear (in a pinch), but longer hoses are needed in the front. '88 front hoses are 2" longer and should work in the front.

    2. Wheels: Sixteen-inch wheels are required to clear the calipers installed over 11.25" discs. Reduced diameter disks are available at 10.5" for possible clearance with fifteen-inch wheels.

    3. Drawings for caliper adapters must be altered to reflect the smaller rotor diameter, i.e., the holes will be moved .5 X (Reduction in diameter) toward the center of the hub.

    4. Rear calipers are installed reversed from the original Pontiac Firebird application to allow E-brake cables to pull to the rear of the car.

    5. Stock Fiero E-brake cables and return springs are used.

    6. New 1.125" master cylinder is not necessary, but recommended to avoid approximately 1" more pedal travel with the stock master cylinder and the increased caliper cylinder sizes.

    The brake balance is perfect with the stock Fiero valving. As I recall the caliper pistons are equal size in front and rear. The heavier rear inherent in the Fiero compensates. Other cars usually have larger calipers in the front because of their front weight bias. I did not mention it, but I have drawings for the caliper adapters for the brake mods that I sent you or I can furnish ready to install adapters.

    Another thing, my brake setup with the 11.280" rotors requires 16" wheels to clear. I used 7.0" from a Chevy Beretta GTU. They clear by thousandths with just a little grinding to remove casting irregularities from the calipers.
    This information has also been printed in an article in the "Pontiac Fiero Connection" magazine. It is a lengthy article, with engineering drawings and all, in the fall issue. Bob Nielson is the publisher of that mag (and is aware of this web page -- DaveH). The magazine article is 100% up-to-date with my installation.


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