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Thread: Replica and kit registering and title in New york

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    Replica and kit registering and title in New york

    Hello people, Thomas here in long island new york and love the work i see on here from all you guys. Everything looks great thats being built and the experienced builders seem to give great advice to the newbies. Id like to know if any of you guys built a car in NEW YORK. Id like to know the hassles that you may have experienced. Id like to build a Murcielago later in the future and seen so much here that it showed me just about every aspect in replica building and part suppliers that a person could ask for without even building. I mean , if i started building tomorrow, id just do some heavy searching to see about the different areas I saw. Ive been lurking a couple weeks on here so Ive seen a bunch. ALL YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Keep it up. So getting back to registering. I thought of possibly using a donor vehicle but, this would be later in the future. I would also image New York is a nitpicker when it comes to anything. So if anybody has info on their experiences please post. Also any Murci builders in NY? Good luck to all you builders.

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    Re: Replica and kit registering and title in New york

    Use the existing vin and title but classify the car as a custom rebody. The inspections will be for the original vin etc.
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    Re: Replica and kit registering and title in New york

    I lived in New York for about 6 years in the early/mid 1990's. I had NO problem registering my Fiero based 328 GTS kit car. I was located upstate (Potsdam), and IIRC no one cared that the car was a rebody. Of course, things might have changed in the past 10 years - good luck!


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    Re: Replica and kit registering and title in New york

    Try this link it may help. Someone else posted it on this site and I kept it.


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