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Thread: Gall Replica

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    Gall Replica

    Ok been to see a guy thats been doing kit cars for about hmm 25 years today.

    I was thinking of the Gall spyder.

    What are you thoughts on this before I put aload of money into the plug mould etc

    Was thinking on the MR2 Roadster however the wheel base will need stretching approx 6 inches

    MR2 Roadster
    Wheelbase 2450 mm 96.5 in

    Lam Gall
    Wheelbase 2560 mm 100.8 in

    So what do you guys think? If there was no interest then I wouldn't be going ahead with it. So better to ask potential customers.

    Let me know your thoughts

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    Re: Gall Replica

    im doing one have a at my website

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    Re: Gall Replica

    i would be interested in it.

    a guy down in Florida already has one or is making molds???other post on this site or kitcentral

    i would lean more towards the Porsche boxter

    then mr2
    then fiero

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    Re: Gall Replica

    were doing one as well!

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    Re: Gall Replica

    Quote Originally Posted by dna-engineering
    were doing one as well!
    Nice one will have a chat with you tomorrow about it Best leave the mrs in the car

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    Re: Gall Replica

    Can't wait to see these cars coming out. Any sneaky pics / updates?
    Just saw this:
    Some amazing detail pics on this website too!

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    Re: Gall Replica

    I would want a gallardo, but i want a hardtop...

    I know I know the convertibles are easier...still nice to see more quality kits coming out..

    I like your space frame you are using on nice..any chance for a space frame coupe?

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