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Thread: 288 GTO?

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    288 GTO?

    Any budy know anyone who has this on a Fiero?It not designed to fit a Fiero,but is a Ferrari upgrade.I suppose it could be possible.
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    Re: 288 GTO?

    I hate to be a naysayer, but I really dislike their mix of real car and 'kit' pictures. Take a look at this:

    It's obviously the real car, even though it's titled 'kit installed'. In many of the pictures, it's hard for me to tell if it's a kit or a real car. Of course, that could be due to their workmanship, but in this industry...

    Dead giveaways are the angle of the door glass. On the fiero, the back edge of the door glass goes straight up; perpendicular to the ground. On the real cars, it's angled backward; so the Fiero's door glass is more square.
    Also, Fiero's don't have a vent window on the door, where the Ferrari's do. You can see the pillar that splits the door glass from the vent window in all of these pictures. Of course, they could be making a fake pillar, or even simply painting it on the window.

    At any rate, I'd err on the safe side with this one. The cars look great, but that could be because they're the real deal!

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    Re: 288 GTO?

    I would think this body kit would look good on a "Stinger" 308 kit.. But the Mera style rear decklid would be easier to adapt..

    I saw a video on utube the other day with a 308 based 288gto replica.. Better yet, here is his car and some of the build in his videos.

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    Re: 288 GTO?

    Hello I think there is some confusion here, The car pictured is in fact a real 308 that has a 288 kit on it to upgrade the real 308. First manufactured by Carpenter in Az, never intended to fit on a Fiero. When finished these are very nice and yes its still a real Ferrari. Thanks Norm

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    Re: 288 GTO?

    Norm's correct.

    The kits are a FANTASTIC upgrade for a run of the mill real 308. I've followed an overseas thread for over a year + where a guy (I believe that's his video on youtube), restored his 308 and did the upgrade. I have the link somewhere. It's a great mod that's for sure. In fact, I think one of the few "dead giveaways" to the 288 upgrade is the rear hatch. It's odd but the real 288 GTO engine compartment opens like most of the 308 replicas.....there is no seam in the sail panel like the 308 / 328. The guy overseas still had the "seam" on his car but I don't notice it on the E-bay guy's kit. Can't tell if it's the pic or if it has been filled in or there is a new sail panel with the kit. Either way, nice car.

    Nice cars. They are one of my favorites.
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    Re: 288 GTO?

    Yeah.. I think RHK was a little confused and 007 was considering the kit as a possible fit for a Fiero..

    Here you can see he filled the seam on his 308 based 288gto..

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