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Thread: Ferrari Keys

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    Ferrari Keys

    Hey y'all! I noticed all you lucky lambo guys are bidding on lambo keys and was posting again on this forum for anyone who might have a plastic mold for replicating a ferrari type key to not look so "GM-ish". I think this might be the way to go. If you have done something different here, let me know what you all have done to change this up a bit. Eric

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    Re: Ferrari Keys

    Theres at least 10 for $200 or less on ebay. buy it and take the key and your ignition switch to a locksmith and theyll make it work for $40

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    Re: Ferrari Keys

    Heres a GM Fiero Ferrari key blank,probubley not as fancy as you might want.He allso carries other parts.
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    Re: Ferrari Keys

    Have a look at Braats page on this link. I think 2 thirds on the way down the page shows the DIY key. Notice the DIY steering wheel with push button start too and dummy paddle shifters. Very Nice.

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