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Thread: Murcielago Stereo -

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    Murcielago Stereo -

    Many people ask what type of stereo comes in the LP640 from the factory.

    It is a $1,100 stereo from Kenwod ... the "Kenwood Excelon DNX8120" and this baby does everything but cook a meal for you.

    Here are some links if anyone is interested:

    If you run accross any GREAT deals for this item at a GREAT price... please feel free to post it here. :'(

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    Re: Murcielago Stereo -

    wat about this kenwood's double din dvd with screen found in the LP? what model is that? anythings special about it?

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    Re: Murcielago Stereo -

    so was the 8120 in the murc and lp640?

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