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Thread: Subaru Impreza Engine

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    Subaru Impreza Engine

    Has anyone here ever worked on the Impreza engine?

    Just looking for some advice with is.


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    Re: Subaru Impreza Engine

    Why an in-prezza.... ???

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    Re: Subaru Impreza Engine

    There is a big following for this as a VW swap. My fave is a 356 speedster with an STI engine in it's rear.
    Look on conversion perversion for some ideas. There are now people offering to do the wiring (the most scarey area) in my opinion and adaptor plates are available off the shelf.
    There is a cut off year (sorry can't remember which) where subaru have managed to get a system where once the engine is taken out, it has to be connected to some factory software before it runs again. Not sure if anyone has broken this code yet but most that are being shipped as used motors from Japan are old enough not to suffer from this.

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    Re: Subaru Impreza Engine

    I put an EJ22 into my VW based kit car. I have not finished yet, but so far I am finding that it is an easy engine to work with.

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