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Thread: Kit that fits on a 2nd gen Ford Probe chassis?

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    Kit that fits on a 2nd gen Ford Probe chassis?

    Just curious about this. I recently picked up a 1995 Ford Probe GT and really like it, but the interior is fairly rough and the exterior is getting there (previous owner was a smoker. I've done some work on it, but the headliner, seats, and possibly carpet will need to be replaced before it's in good shape again), so it got me to thinking: Could I just change it to something else?

    I'm completely new to the kit car scene (fairly new to the in-depth car scene as well, but I'm willing to get my hands dirty and try difficult stuff. Got someone to help walk me through everything too, so I'm learning!), so please excuse any ignorant statements I make here. I've got no idea what I'm talking about for the most part lol, this whole thing is just in theory for me at the moment (or a possible future project, depending on cost).

    Anyway, any ideas on what kind of kit would fit on the Probe chassis while keeping the same engine? (only looking to change the look of the car, not the engine. The engine works great.) In case it matters, I'm really interested in '60s cars or '80s + cars. Foreign is awesome But, don't let just those things stop you if you have a suggestion or know of a kit that doesn't fit in those categories. I do like a variety of cars, so I'm open to any suggestions.

    Like I said, please forgive my ignorance! I've done some searching on Google, but I have no idea what to search for exactly so I usually come up with nothing.


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    Re: Kit that fits on a 2nd gen Ford Probe chassis?

    best bet is to see whats out there, and try to match up wheel bases

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    Re: Kit that fits on a 2nd gen Ford Probe chassis?

    I guess that would be a better question: How do I tell if a kit will fit on my chassis? Is it simply matching up wheel bases?

    Hmm, might have to look that up right now Thanks for pointing that out (even if unintentionally lol), that gives me something to go on!

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    Re: Kit that fits on a 2nd gen Ford Probe chassis?

    No existing kit will fit without some major modification, the end product would probably not end up as good as you'd hope.. That said, I always thought the Ford Probe Gen 2's took a lot of styling cues from the Ferrari 355. Perhaps you could modify the doors and bumpers to make it look more alike there.

    I'd say you have 2 options-
    1. Do something like this: where you take some old cars bumpers fenders and quarters and try and mate them to your chassis. Depending on your personal tastes, the EasyRods are somewhere between clever, cool or godawful!

    2. Rice it out - install a body kit (not a rebody, just a lip kit/skirts/air dams), lower it, add big rims, and a spoiler. I wouldn't call it a kit car, but if done right, the end result can be good. Ebay might be a good start:

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    Re: Kit that fits on a 2nd gen Ford Probe chassis?

    Hmm, I was afraid of that. Ah well, good thing I like the way the Probe looks already. I'll just go back to fixing it up the way it is Maybe I'll find myself a cheap Fiero a while from now and stick a 355 or Diablo kit on it (looked at Fiero's quite a bit before I bought the Probe, but I was going for utility at that point and the Probe was a great deal and still a sportscar. I do like it a lot....but it still can't beat a Ferrari :P )

    Thanks for the help!

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