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    My exhaust manifold on the firewall side is glowing red when running... Has anyone had this problem ??? And what is the solution ??? ??? Stock Fiero engine,,6 cyl..

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    Re: Exhaust

    might want to check the cat or muffler to see if clogged?????

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    Re: Exhaust

    Just put new cat on a few minutes ago.. Still glowing... :-\

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    Re: Exhaust

    I could be WAY off on this one. But i thought I read somewhere that was what the early model fieros did when those few caught fire??? Those were the 4 bangers though but I thought that was at least one of the issues.

    Have you check pennocks yet?

    I am usless for anymore info, sorry...
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    Re: Exhaust

    lean fuel mixture or exhaust leak between the head and the manifold. I had that problem, and it turned out that a manifold bolt had broken, and exhaust was escaping around the exhaust gasket.

    As I understand, all Fiero V6 exhaust manifolds get a little hot, and will get to glowing after a while. You can't see it in the daylight, but at night you can see it glow. It may not be anything to worry about too much if you can't see it at night. In my case, it got red hot at idle in a minute or so.

    BTW, this has nothing to do with the fire problem in Fieros. When low on oil, or wasn't changed often enough, the 4 cyl rods would break, blow a hole in the side, and dump oil on the exhaust that runs underneath the engine, which would catch fire. This was limited to the 4 cyl, and I believe they fixed the problem by adding a heat shield over the exhaust.

    BTW, Pennock's is the place to ask for help with this issue - lots of info there, and a ton of Fiero gurus:

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    Re: Exhaust

    Thanks guys... I just put new exhaust manifold on the side that is glowing.. I will double back and check over the area for cracks or leaks... >

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    Re: Exhaust

    The 1984 Fiero was the only car that had problems with fires. I owned one in 1984. The gas line was rerouted when I took it in for a recall. And yes, if you toss a rod out of the block, even on the newer cars (you pick the brand) hot oil tossed onto a glowing red exhaust will cause a fire.
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    Re: Exhaust

    i am not familiar with fiero's as theres no fiero in my country..
    but in the turbo , lean of fuel at the A/F will cause the ext temp raise...
    i experienced that at my supra which cause the manifold glows....its scary...
    u might want to double the safety with some ceramic thermo wraps.
    but don't wrap it all too close as too hot might caused cracks at the welding parts too..leaving some open line might help. at least u can see if it still glows...

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