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Thread: Any interest in 328 body parts or 355 dash and door panels

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    Any interest in 328 body parts or 355 dash and door panels

    I am fairly new to this forum I belong to the kitcentral forum. Many of you know me here. I have been researching the the other kits. F brand kits and was wondering if there is any interest in 328 body panels or 355 dash and door panels. I have an individual that wants 2 355 dashes and door panels and I don't know if anyone on here has the molds to do it or do I need to splash the ones I have access to. Is there any interest in the 328 stuff. Let me know.

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    Re: Any interest in 328 body parts or 355 dash and door panels

    Amida makes some of the very best interior pieces I've ever seen, it looks factory good, and makes them available here. Check out "Rob's Interiors" thread. The down side is that because of the high quality, it aint anything near cheap, making it too much of a stretch for some kit's budgets. I'm sure there are some here that would be willing to skimp a little on the accuracy and maybe quality too, for an interior they could better afford. You got any pics?

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    Re: Any interest in 328 body parts or 355 dash and door panels

    I appreciate the response. I don't have the 355 interior stuff but a friend of mine does and he would let me copy it. The 328 stuff I am good to go on. I figured some one on here had the interior stuffbut did not know where to start. I have some people that can vouch for me like Rundlc and turmite. My login at kitcentral is hiperf454. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Any interest in 328 body parts or 355 dash and door panels


    Do you have the rear valance under the rear bumper on the 328? The part that covers the exhaust system etc. under the bumper is what I am talking about. I have a full set of molds I bought for a 328 kit but I did not receive the mold for the rear valance piece. I was going to make a buck and then mold from there but if there is one already available, that would be much easier.

    Also, I am looking to sell off the molds as well since I don't seem to be doing anything with them at all.

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