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Thread: whats available?

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    whats available?

    Hello everyone, I'm new at forums so bear with me. I have a '01 chevy s10 swb. It has the ZQ8 package with the 2" drop in the front (factory). I'm just wondering what would fit the chassis. I would like to have a Morgan or Jaguar xk120 type roadster. Is it possible with my chassis? I know it is probably odd choice, but it is paid for. Appreciate any help.

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    Re: whats available?

    Hi, Welcome to the forum.

    I just read a magazine called Hemmings while waiting at the dentist hall. in the classified ads there was a willys kit that was designed to be mounted over a S-10 chasis. it was a custom car, like a hot rod, if you like it, it will fit your chasis.

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    Re: whats available?

    Here's a neat conversion...

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