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Thread: My Murcielago TDI Hybrid Project

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    My Murcielago TDI Hybrid Project

    Ok so here it is broken down...

    This winter I am going to start a build on a Murcielago TDI Hybrid car, based off the West Philly Attack

    Link to the kits

    The engine I am using is a 2004 5.0L V10 from a VW Touareg TDI powering the rear and (like the Philly Attack) powering the front tires will be a 250-300hp electric motor, with a slightly larger 600 volt ultra capacitor pack (maybe 250lbs instead of 200lbs). The only thing I am really worried about is building the Electric Motor! Will it be enough to power this? And does anyone know how to have the electric motor just power the car at acceleration, and the have the TDI diesel kick in for normal driving? Am i still going to get good MPG? The V10 touareg gets about 30 mpg and it weighs almost 6500lbs! The way this is going I believe the car finished will be about 25000 - 3000lbs, so will that along with the electric motor, be enough to achieve the 50-60 mpg i am looking for? If anyone has any imput it would be greatly appreciated and concidered a HUGE blessing.

    This isn't my first build. About 5 years ago i totally stripped a fiero and put it back together with a diablo kit. We kept the same engine in that one and i was really disappointed with the performance. It felt really sluggish and puney. This time I am going to go all out. I want to upgrade the engine, put new suspension on it, do a TOTALLY custom exhaust, but at the same time keep it as light as possible. Any suggestions?

    The car (HOPEFULLY) will be completed by next spring. Thank you in advance for advise, critisism, and help.


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    Re: My Murcielago TDI Hybrid Project

    pics on the site seem pretty good although its like they cant decide which side of the car the fuel cap is on. they got it on both sides for the different models

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    Re: My Murcielago TDI Hybrid Project

    electric motors for cars are very dangerous,also building one one would be even more dangerous,time consuming and very expensive..if you ever want to drive this thing you may want to keep it simple.
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    Re: My Murcielago TDI Hybrid Project

    these site should help you out in your build, they are great sites, will tell you what you need to make it work.
    I my self will be building an all electric car this winter, sick of paying these high gas prices!

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    Re: My Murcielago TDI Hybrid Project

    Clerek, sent you a PM

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    Re: My Murcielago TDI Hybrid Project

    I find its too expensive!

    I've tried to have my Nova windshield cut but it developed a stress fracture...what a waste of money.

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    Re: My Murcielago TDI Hybrid Project

    The diesel engines are heavy and will need a major transmission behind it that can take the torque. The electric motor is not that hard. There are many off the shelf A/C motors to get to the HP that you want. Just remember that electric motors are rated at peak efficiency and not max HP like you use to seeing.

    I am going to take a SWAG here and say that this is going to be over $100k build. Have you written your business plan yet?

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