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Thread: Changing Bolt pattern?????

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    Changing Bolt pattern?????

    is it hard to change the bolt pattern?
    say if i found rims with the right offset but needed to change the bolt pattern, could i drill it out?
    my freind did it to an s10 when he but a mustang rear end on it he converted it back to s10 so they were all the same

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    Re: Changing Bolt pattern?????

    You might be able to find wheel adapters to do so, depending on how common the bolt patterns are. You can usually find them on ebay. I'd be cautious about drilling your own holes; if they're not dead on, you could end up with a bumpy ride.

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    Re: Changing Bolt pattern?????

    I have a manufacturer in Tampa who can make some high quality wheel adapters for you.

    I have a set on FunnyWheels
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    Re: Changing Bolt pattern?????

    If you want to change the bolt pattern for a rotor, it would be easier to buy a rotor with the desired bolt pattern and use a new bearing set that matches the new rotor to your existing spindle. Most automotive bearing sources can get you physical dimensions for the various bearing sizes to allow you to find a proper match. I will be doing the same for my conversion from a 5x100mm to a 5x4-3/4" bolt pattern. For a drum and/or drilled hub assembly, you may want to go with wheel adapters.....Just my 2 cents....Good Luck....

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