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Thread: building mercedes CLK GTR race car

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    building mercedes CLK GTR race car

    Do you guys think it is possible to make a CLK GTR out of a (crashed and therefore cheap) E-class (E420 or E500 would be even nicer) W210?

    pics see here;

    but I like the real Le Mans version more because of the nicer spoiler.

    There is also a cabriolet version which could be more easy because of 1 window.

    Chassis. Must normally be custom made for mid engine. I think off stripping the E and use the old chassis with some welding modifications.

    Body. Use the E panels icm some glasfiber-carbonfiber work. Im pretty handy with this stuff.

    Suspension. I can use the double wisbones front and multi link rear I guess, but need push rods that will attach to the body.

    Engine. Ok. Needs balancing, chiptuning and supercharger. 400PK should be reachable for E420. Good suggestions for supercharger?

    I need some transaxle and race clutch. Suggestions? Porsche/Audi?

    Wheels, seat, Steerer, clocks, radiator, electronicsm I just steal it from the E.

    Window I will have to see... Maybe hand build some or else go for the cabriolet version.

    Has anyone any idea how the airflows are in the clk gtr. The gap under the radiator leads to other radiators near the mid engine or to the brakes?

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    Re: building mercedes CLK GTR race car

    Im not sure what chassis your going to use but mike over at chassisworks inc is veryhelpfull and he has a great set of plans that would do you justice not to mention probably be about the correct wheelbase. The chassis that he has use's 1989 to 1996 c-4 corvette front suspension and custom rear suspension. Good luck Lukester out.......

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