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Thread: epoxies/adhesives

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    newbie here, and already enjoying all the info/threads.

    i purchased an '86 blakely bernardi about a month ago and have been making repairs to the fiberglass as it had minor front end damage.

    in the accident, the grill was totaled, so i'm making a custom grill for it. these kits used a '76 olds cutlass grill turned 90 degrees originally, but i wanted something a little different, so decided to make my own. the grill is not a problem, but installing it is. i need a fast setting adhesive that will attach metal to fiberglass.

    i've asked around at many auto paint supply shops and really don't get a good answer to the question "will it adhere metal to fiberglass?" tonight i went to ace hardware and found a two part epoxy that is compatible with fiberglass and metal. i experimented with a small piece and it seems to adhere very well. once i get eveything in place and attached, i plan to go back over it with fiberglass to further strenghten it. since it won't show where it's attached, figured this might be the best way.

    anybody have any other suggestions?
    thanks, dutch

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    Re: epoxies/adhesives

    I haven't had much luck with hardware store epoxy holding up very well. Seems to become brittle if stressed. I prefer short or long strand fiberglass bondo depending on the stress on the part and whether the joint is visible and needs to be "finished". Scuff the metal part with some 40 grit for good bite.

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    Re: epoxies/adhesives

    About the best high performance epoxy I have found is West Systems. You can find out more about it here...
    Lot's of good tech. at that site as well. Most higher performance epoxy resins are at a 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 ratio which can make accurate mixing a little tricky. Nice thing about West is they come in cans that accept their metered pumps. You push once on the resin pump and once on the hardener pump and poof! you've got a batch of exactly metered epoxy. By using their various fillers you can go from a runny glue consistency to a putty. When I used their dealer locator I found out that the large boat shop just down the road from me was a full stocking dealer. Really handy.

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