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Thread: Ferrari exhaust help please!

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    Ferrari exhaust help please!

    I picked up a set of Ferrari exhaust tips. The best I can understand is the flange attaches to the muffler and the big inlet in the back goes to the exhaust from the engine. Now, to have these tips function correctly, vacuum from the engine holds the butterfly closed on the vacuum control. If you jump on the throttle, you loose engine vacuum pressure which causes the butterfly to open and lets the full exhaust through the pipes while bypassing the muffler. So, will just hooking up the diagram controls to engine vacuum work or will I also need to add something else to it. I donít want to run full open pipes every time I hit the accelerator. Does Ferrari also control this function by RPM as well as just vacuum.

    (Does that make sense?) I think I just confused myself and everyone else.
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    Re: Ferrari exhaust help please!

    Those look like 430 tips?

    I thought it worked the other way i.e. the valves open when the vacuum is created in the inlet by the engine trying to suck through more air. The inlet pressure isnt just related to the throttle position but to the load on the engine. The valves only open fully when you are accelerating hard not just when you rev the engine.

    The problem you may have is that your replica will not necessarily produce the same vacuum as a 360 engine so it may not open when you want it to. I was planning on having either a mechanical or electronic actuator which I could use to close the valves and quieten the engine for if I was using the car early in a morning or motorway trips.
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    Re: Ferrari exhaust help please!

    I believe they are set-up so the valves will stay open normally until the engine vacuum closes them once the motor is running. Correct me if Iím wrong but you will loose your intake manifold vacuum when you accelerate hard. Just like the old cars that used vacuum operated windshield wipers. They used to stop working if you hit the throttle to fast but came back to life once the motor wasnít under hard acceleration.

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    Re: Ferrari exhaust help please!

    the vw golf i believe does the same thing and as long as you tee off a vacuum line to it you should be ok

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