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Thread: headlight spec's

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    headlight spec's

    ok guys i know i have a lot of question's but i am trying to do a merci build and i am trying to do the body my self and im having trouble with the dimensions for the headlights i mean the exterior dimesnions and interiuor dimension's as i have seen on a lot of build's they look to big and iu don't want to run into this problem please help me.

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    Re: headlight spec's

    Not sure I truly understand what you are looking for. For the headlights on my build, I am using a pair of P-1 Fog Lights and a pair of P-6 Fog lights. You can find these on ebay. Just search using the terms "Universal P1" and "Universal P6". I believe other Murcie builders are using these same lights. Good luck.......

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    Re: headlight spec's

    ok im was looking for the measurments of the headlights dimesion's other dimension top measurment side measurement and botton measurment , is thier a cure to the lense and also the interior measurment of the placement of the light how are people are building or constructing thier headlight's details would be much appreciated.

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