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    So i have a question for all u kit builders i am doing a merci build and am doing brembo brakes on c5 spindals for the front but how and what parts do i need for brembo's for the rear caliper and rotors, i am building a rplica frame with replica suspension also i have the rear arms done but what hubs are every one using for the rear of thier builds.

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    Use 2000 Chev S-10 4X4 front wheel bearings. Install these in the rear of the chassis.
    This will give you the correct bolt pattern too.
    If you are building your own hub bearing support/upright you can find this info on kitcentral.
    The caliper will fit nice once you install the bearing and rotor. You will only need to weld on a modified piece of thick angle iron, about 1.5"X1.5" to mount the caliper.

    I modified a rear caliper from a Nissan 240 to make my emergency brake.

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