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Thread: engine upside down

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    engine upside down

    simple question

    can it run?

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    Re: engine upside down

    Huh?? Why?? And honestly yes for a very short time. All the oil would goto the top of the motor, the oil pump would not be able to circulate it and the engine would seize. Also in most cases oil would also leak badly form the oil fill cap, PCV, etc. Fuel delivery would also be a problem, if the car was fuel injected it would run assuming the fuel tank was right side up so the fuel pump could pump gas. If it had carburetor you would be screwed.

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    Re: engine upside down

    It would run for a limited time, but after that its useless since the oil will leak into every part of it. But if you know what a Gumpert Apollo is, then you would know that they have made a engine which can run upside down, just as well as it can run normally. they are planning to drive the vehicle upside down in a tunnel, at 200mph, those are their claims, i just think its an advertising gimmick.

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