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Thread: chevy 350 450hp water pump ?

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    chevy 350 450hp water pump ?

    hello all,
    We are redoing the engine in my 328 kit, it currently is at about 280-290Hp wise quick as it is so light but no jaw dropping effects as it used to be before we sold it so we just ordered all the parts and did desktop dyno... 445 at 5grand, and 375 at 2500... this thing is going to fly...

    Quick questions... I am going with the bumb rear steer kit... has anyone used this? and if so what are your thoughts...

    Water pump?
    also the setup we have now, we glued the water pump to the radiator, well we upgraded the radiator to the 4 core Archie sells, however that is sitting off to the side as the waterpump has no information on it. I do not want to have to much flow as it would over heat and I do not want not enough flow. What are some people using for their remote pumps. There is no room to put the waterpump in dirctly. And for those wondering if the remote pump in the front actually works... It does runs about 180-190 with the fan coming on at 165. not bad for a 328 kit!! Had to bleed the system when I bought the car back... but since then I been driving it everyday (weather permitting)... and that is 20 miles to work and 20 miles back... highway and back roads!

    does anyone have any information on headlights as well... the car is a 85... we pulled headlight motors out of a car sitting at the shop a 92 firebird... I remember reading there was a conversion for this...

    any help with those questons would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Re: chevy 350 450hp water pump ?

    I don't see how in practice you can have too much flow. It's true that water going through the radiator faster will have less opportunity to lower the temperature of the water, but the water flowing through the engine faster will carry away heat faster. I think they will cancel each other out unless there is extreme, extreme flow.

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    Re: chevy 350 450hp water pump ?

    if the pump is too strong upgrade the radiator

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