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Thread: door jamb problem

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    door jamb problem

    I'm building a 34 cabriolet (Street Beast) and the door on the drivers side sticks out approx 1/4 in on the front bottom part of the door. the body line is a perfect match, also the passanger body line is perfect, however when you open the door it drags on the running board. How can i fix these problems

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    Re: door jamb problem

    pics would help figure out the problem, but it sounds like you need to remove some material from the part that's rubbing?


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    Re: door jamb problem

    yes need pics, but either there slightly off or the fender/door needs a trim

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    Re: door jamb problem

    34 send a pm to bartman here on the forum. He is a street rod builder and has built one of the 34's, though I don't know if it is a Street Beast brand or not.


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    Re: door jamb problem

    just a thought, have you some play in the door hinges perhapse. May be the door is dropping past a certain point.??

    whilst on the subject of street rods, does anyone know where I might get a GRP body of a model A roadster, baring in mind im in the UK :-\

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    Re: door jamb problem

    I tend to agree with XPERT360. Before removing any material from the door I would check the hinges first to be sure they aren't sagging or dropping the door as it opens.

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