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Thread: Mold for 355 IFG type hood

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    Mold for 355 IFG type hood

    Been here, done all that. Most all things on the IFG type kits can be fixed with some glass, except the hood. The original hood from ferr was slightly bowed outward, and all the IFG kits I see looks like something fell on the hood and is inward. Not how the original is, and regardless looks silly. Lots of 355's I have seen on ebay and other kitcar sites that had the hood bowed inward. I modified mine and this resulted in 11 gallons of filler, and 10 pounds of steel to make it right. I then took a mold of the hood after all body work, and this worked perfectly. Ended up with a hood that weighs 32 lbs vs 87 lbs! KOS has the same problem as I and there has to be many others in progress. This is also modified with a deeper air inlet ( functional) and looks more like the testarossa does. I happen to like that look of an inverted scoop in the hood. If interested this might be your fix. Let me know if you are interested and I will ship the mold reinforced with steel for your cost. I have pics of the layup of the mold and the part. Success for me! PM if interested as it will be destroyed if no interest. Eric

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    Re: Mold for 355 IFG type hood

    How about using a hood from John Watson? They look OEM and don't pucker from using poor quality materials.

    I experienced the same challenge with my Mirage kit. No problems from AD. Been 8 years now.


    Here is a photo of the Mirage hood that was repaired 4 times in two years.
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