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Murci-Me's Third BUILD Gegam

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  • Re: Murci-Me's Third Build Gegam

    It still keeps coming back to the point made numerous times in this topic. Nothing was itemized on paper. The buyer's expectations weren't anywhere close to the supplier's. The buyer wants OEM, which all the fabrication equipment and engineering available to a manufacturer is able to produce. The seller does the best he can with what he has to work with to make the job appear OEM - WHEN IT IS FINISHED.

    I don't know if anybody has seen a facelift operation, but this reminds me of a relative walking into the operating room during the operation and saying "OMG, stop! You're killing her". All he cab see is blood and skin flaps. But facelifts happen every day and often the results are fantastic - after the healing.

    I think all parties should just drop the subject now. The more MM gets bashed, the further the cars drop in value. Nothing further can be gained, except the holes get dug deeper (is that grammer OK MM?).


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