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  • MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

    ok i decided to put my build on here also.... it will show you from step one all the way through my build... a lil bout me.... my name is brandon im 23. i live in knoxville TN. with my wife and 1 year old son..... im a metal fabricator/ body builder.. (18 wheeler trucks come to me as cab and chassis, i turn them into dump trucks, tankers, flat beds, utility trucks, ect.) most of this is copy and paste from the build thread i have on pennocks, so alot of it was before i saw the talent on this site..... OK i just though i should do a build diary on this... im building a lamborghini murcielago LP640 replica. my base is a 85 fiero 2m4. well first i pulled all the body off, then the doors, then the interior, dash, air box, ect. then i pulled the entire wire harness out..... then pulled the whole suspension, brakes, cradles,ect. the only thing left was just the frame and tub. i then took it to my shop where we stretched the frame 10.5 inches. sheet metal on the gap, and did a very clean stretch job to it. i stretched the cradle once i made a jig for it on the following day. poly bushings on the whole front and rear. i did the beretta brake upgrade for the front, and just got new calipers for the rear. i painted the springs and calipers orange to match the body. now i had to choose gauges....... there are so many out there. the closest i could get was in a junk yard where there lied a t boned 06 grand prix GT. so in order for these gauges to work i needed the wire harness out of the car, so i pulled the entire harness out of the car gauges, air box, a/c controls, hud center, steering column, fuse box, bcm, pcm, gas pedal, brake pedal, door harnesses, window motor, all the switches, radio, everything. now the steering column all i had to do is fab a bracket to mount it up. and push the u joint out the top connector and swap the steering shaft with the fiero shaft, pressed it back in so now i have the fiero steering shaft with the GP yoke to bolt to the steering comlumn. i have the aluminum dash brace with the air box mounted out of the GP and im trimming it to fit tomorrow. now i know this sounds way to much but its not just the gauges. now i have a 06 grand prix just in a fiero. i get the new climate control and a/c controls. gauges, a working hud unit, on star, air bags, and i have absolutly zero conversion to put my 06 drive by wire series 3 supercharged 3800 in,,,, i just plug it all in. also i now will have all diagnostics on the car. all CELs will be legit. im in the middle of trying to get the comp g tapshift to go into my car.... so how many fiero based lambos do you see with tap shift (paddle shifters) and the fastest way to ruin a good replica is old gauges and a/c controls. but i will get pics up of everything once my wife gets her damn camera. but i figured i would share my ideas.... for everyone wanting to do a 3800 this is the best way although it is a whole lot of work but ill keep everyone updated....thanks

    ok well the dash frame would not fit to save my life. so i had to remove the airbox and mount it alone. which included plasma cutting alot of **** out of the way..... so hey all i had to do was diminish the structural intergrity of the car..... small price to pay. so tomorrow i have to weld some braces in. i also mounted the steering column with some small modifications to the brackets but its in.

    i could of done a lil better on the stretch but i did it in like 2 hours at my work

    anyways update i got the harnesses all laid out with all the components hooked up there are a few places i had to cut the wires to get it out. so i just got done soldering like 100 wires together, i am missing an on star antenna in the rear so im looking for a grand prix around here i can look at.

    got the rest of the wiring done. i gotta pull off and finish my ricer for a car show this weekend but im back on the fieralago in a few days.

    yeah i already did my stretch. but i saw this setup online before. dont remember where. but that is a sick design. i would of went that route if i was doing a diablo. but because of the murcie kit i had to stay with this setup. but im working on getting a building and build these for a living.... after this first one i should have the hang of it.... but i will look more into this setup on my next build which is gonna be a dee-low. but did that setup take care of your bump steer also? oh and by the way that mercie me build........ he is my idol...... he got that car so clean and exact...... the best is the interior

    here is the steering shaft with the frankenstien yoke

    here is the stretch

    some bracing to stiffen it up

    my grand prix parts after i pulled them and going in

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    Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

    Thats a really good looking stretch bro, keep us posted.


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      Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

      Great Job! Great pics!!

      Keep'em comin'!!!


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        Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

        Glad to see you over here. I followed your build on PFF.


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          Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

          Nice job. I can't wait to see more of that one.


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            Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

            GREAT JOB glad to see its turning out like you want it
            In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!


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              Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

              ok got the wiring in as you can see i had to remove the stock gas pedal and put the 06 in since its drive by wire. i had to fabricate the brake switch to work on the fiero pedal. i had to fabricate the 06 master cylinder to work. and the air box is in, all the wires and dash components are in now im just cleaning it up. i also have the 2 radiators on im using civic radiators. and now i have to extend the wires for the engine bay to the rear.

              ok guys i just got done welding the x brace under the car and added supports all around. this is the stoutest fiero ive ever seen.... i went a lil over board with the bracing but heck there is no such thing as too strong...

              the back brace is going to be bolted on it just tacked right now so i can drill it. the middle brace also has a bolted on section.

              and by the way. the middle stock brace was removed. once i have time i will drill the back angle and bolt it up. and the middle brace about a foot and a half in front of it will be the same way...... but i did think about that since i have to put a performance pump in the tank. but everything is removed besides the a/c lines and heater lines which i checked and are perfect.... dont take this as me defending. i actually enjoy critisism. thats the only way for a builder to perfect, is through anothers piont of view....

              ok back on the build im working out some kinks with the body being mounted.... i had to cut alot off the dash and front... so im taking it to the shop sat morning and weld up all that i cut... and cut a lil more.... but ill take pics and explain everything as im doin it.


              not sure but the shippment of the metal was 300 but not all of it was my metal...... so im assuming 150 but compared to how much of the stock wieght i took off..... i have plenty of room to add..... but post pics of your murcie. i would love to see it.

              the kit is sitting on there... ill take some more pics today... i gotta lift the body off.... my problem is .. there is no motor or wieght on the car so the suspension is maxxed all the way up... if i put the kit on and set it to ride hieght. then when i get the motor in and put the wieght of the kit on the car will squat and sit too low.... so now i made some tube spacers to sit the fiero chassis and stock ride hieght of 7.5 inches and then i made some spacers to sit the kit at 5 inches. so the ride hieght will be set when the fiero squats for the motor..... so ill pull the body off glass some metal to it. weld on the spacers and take a bunch of pics........ hopefully tonight

              got a few pieces framed up with metal. now i just have glass it to the body piece........ i have the body off so i can clean up all my welds and edges becuase they look rather crappy... here are some pics of the trouble areas that had to be cut

              heres what i had to do to level the body for mounting since i dont have the flanges like everyone else kits.

              yeah i need to check it but i gotta get the body on so i can check the steering wheel to windshield space also.... im cutting metal for the body right now so ill post picks of how to get the body ready for mounting in a day or so.

              well im going to frame the entire body and glass the metal to it.... then ill sit the body on the chassis and weld the 2 together.. and thanks RUNDLC i never really thought about that... attaching it to the undercar supports will strengthen the windshield area so much and stout up the whole upper half of the kit...... very good idea. i like the metal work on those 2 builds. once mine is cleaned up and all together i hope its half as clean....... but im waiting to do my skeleton of the body..

              my body doesnt touch the chassis anywhere..... i am building an entire skeleton of the body.... so i will have alot of metal on it...... i doubt it is going anywhere but..... i just wanna be sure.... MikeV. does his like that...... he is who i got the kit through... his kits come out very good... but he also told me to put coremat in between the metal and body.... im using very thin foam.... in between the metal and kit..... but can you send me a few pics of your build how you mounted the diablo. other kits like mercie me, mercenary, and anyones else kinda sits on the frame in certian places to help hold it.... but mike modified this one to fit a boxster so everything was removed..... now nothing touches the frame..... so i have to suspend it in the air with the metal i add....... im just worried bout the kit coming loose..... what do you suggest

              the front fender areas are all welded up now time for the rear, pics tomorrow

              here is a lil bit of the metal in the rear not all of it is in there but you get the idea. its alot of metal but it doesnt wieght as much as you think. i want it to be strong. but the interior is sitting on the car as well... for reference

              ok sat i weld up the other side and then pull the skeleton out to grind it up

              ok i got the rear all mocked up and pulled the frames out to get welded and grinded down... then i will epoxy the frames in the car weld the 4 frames together with some braces and 1 1/2 tubing that goes under the door jam. so it will be one large solid subframe... and then fiberglass the frame to the body. .. here are a few pics of the frames you can kinda get an idea of where im coming from..... also the batwings i just got done with... i framed it up and designed a hinge so they will actually be functional.....

              welding up the gaps and joints, grinding and just got done attaching the deck lid to the frame.... hopefully it turns out good in the morning

              heres all the framing


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                Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

                next, i just got done fighting the skeleton pieces back into the car.... very tight fit..i put a thin foam strip on all the metal that is touching the kit to keep a tiny gap between them .. now i will connect all four pieces together, then glass them in............. yeah!!!!!!!!! almost time to mount..

                ok just got all the subframe connectors done, all the front done and all the rear done... everything is connected..... its freakin solid.... ill get some pics tomoorow

                lol well i was waiting for someone to ask that or say something about the wieght... its actually very light. put it this way every bit of the metal im putting on is lighter then one firero door. so im not adding much wieght at all. i carried all 4 pieces or frameing out to the driveway all together at one time..... and it was no heavier then maybe 1 wheel. so its very light.. and its only like 18 guage metal

                ok got the body flipped over.... which was very hard to do.... glassing the metal to the kit..... i sprayed expandable foam in all the gaps and holes so its solid.

                now im welding up the windshield frame... pics comin soon.. im calculating metal wieght. and im somewhere close to 250 lbs for all the metal i added thats bought the wieght of the stock doors. huh?

                but i finally got all the glassins done, all i gotta do is finish the wimdshield frame and im ready to mount. pics later today

                glassing the metal

                yeahhhhh window frame is all welded up and glassed in.... now its time for squaring up and mounting........ pics friday

                ok i got the entire kit mounted, all brackets, everything.... i got the hood done, and the latch is just a normal latch off a utility tool box. works very well. i had to straighten the kit, the area behind your head was crook-ed, so i straightened it up but that made the decklid and batwings not line up.... so i gotta fiberglass them. i also got the decklid hinges welded up. here is a diagram of where i put metal for the skeleton, ill get some pics tomorrow. i also undercoated the entire underside of the kit, to protect the metal, make it look pretty, and to quiet down road noise...

                black is 3/4 tubing and grey is 1 1/2 tubing

                i already made my batwings work,,, its a lil different then MM. but the hinge was inspired by his work...


                here is the hinges.. older jetta and latch from a utility bed door.

                now here is my trouble area.... the kit was molded not square, so when i mounted the body the upper rear portion was off... causing the deck lid to not line up.... instead of reworking the decklid, this is what i had to do..



                my merc latch ill be using, i made a plate to bolt to it to help with mounting strength

                glassed the deckild

                my wheels im using... decided to go with 19 giovannas bc i got them from a guy hard on cash for $300!!!!!!!!???????:::::"""""""""

                first skin coat

                i glassed up the blown airbag off the GP steering wheel and put a bull badge on..ill paint it the same color as the car... im deciding if i should leave it or glass onto it to make the bull look kinda 3d in the airbag, you know so its all kinda flush looking

                i also undercoated everything under the body..... everything.. i undercoated all the underside of the kit, and all the metal, to kinda hide some of the ugly welds..... now i need to trim all the metal around the hinges, latches, lids, everywhere...get a few more pics soon.

                body work, body work, body work


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                  Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

                  what radiators are those? gauge cluster looks good


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                    Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

                    That Murci is built like a tank... nothing can penetrate it.

                    Thanks for sharing the pics.



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                      Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

                      lets get this to page 2 cause loading this one takes forever. to many pics in one spot


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                        Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

                        Is there a reason why you only stretched it 10.5''?


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                          Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

                          Im tired only seeing a lot of work well done....
                          At the present looks awesome....
                          Good luck !


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                            Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

                            You know, every time you post more pictures you make me look kinda lazy....


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                              Re: MERCIERO'S LP640 murcie

                              Holy moly! You're gonna be able to drive this think like..... next Thursday! Yeah, I agree it is an exhausting amount of work you have already done. Some folks that think they want to undertake a project like this need to look at your build thread and see how many different trades you have to be skilled at to pull off a great build like yours is going to be. Great work.


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