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Jntramey's Amazing AD355 berlinetta build

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  • Great progress! That is one of the things I still need to do with mine.


    • Hi here is my 2 cents , make it out of fiberglass and put a strip of 3/8 Aluminum flatbar inside that you can drill and tap for mounting the hinge . or two separate steel strips with studs. Click image for larger version

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      • So, I needed to replace my front wheel bearings on my daily driver (which will eventually be the host for the AD355 body),
        I already purchased the 1 1/2" drop spindles that utilizes the rear hubs instead of the Fiero one piece hub/rotor from HELD many moons ago, and the C4 brake upgrade kit from West Coast Fiero, and decided to just get it all done at once and suffer only 1 front end alignment rather than 2. As usual, everything takes longer than I estimated. I did finally get the rotor mounted on the new spindle (for a test fit) along with the Corvette caliper and brackets. I'm still having to figure some stuff out as I go though. Rotor/caliper clearance issues and how many washers to use for proper spacing between the adapter bracket and the spindle, and I have to drill and tap the adapter mounting holes in the new spindle as they were designed for Fiero calipers and the bolts in the brake kit are HUGE compared to the little Fiero ones. I have new stainless steel brake lines for the front too, Spent one whole day trying to figure out why the rotor was rubbing on the Corvette Caliper mount at one spot when I spun the rotor. At first, I thought I put it together wrong. Then I thought the rotor might be warped. Then, I thought maybe my concentric ring that centers the rotor to the hub was too small. Finally, I called WCF and they told me I was using the wrong ring. I didn't know this, but apparently, the rear hub ring will fit on any of the wheel hubs, but the ones for the front will only fit on the front (different I.D. sizes). So when I had my tires replaced, the tech must have thought all the rings were the same size and just mixed up the front and rear rings. It didn't take long to figure out which wheel had the wrong ring on it. Months ago, I thought I had hit a pot hole at the university and warped my rim. Because the rear wheel looked to wobble as it rolled. With this new info, I pulled off the rear wheel and ring and sure enough, it was for the front hub and wasn't seated completely flush on the hub, causing the wheel to wobble. As soon as I swapped them out the rotor on my drop spindle cleared the caliper perfectly! Well, not exactly. The ring must've been damaged by all the driving and now, while it sits all the way on the hub and flush, it must have been squished or warped while on the wrong wheel. So, I ordered a new set of rings from WCF today (and specified I need 4 rear style rings). They were nice and offered to send me some replacement rings for free, but I appreciate their contribution to the Fiero community and respect and value their time, so I paid them anyway. Now waiting for them to arrive before I can put my front wheel back together and get on with the upgrades. These rotors are much bigger and will really fill up the wheel space nicely when I finish.
        Click image for larger version

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        • I am excited to see how this project will turn out. It seems like you still need to deal with a lot of rust.


          • That rust is just flash surface rust. Those are new rotors that got rained on for a week while work was delayed. the area that is rusted will be "cleaned" by the brake pads upon the first application of the pedal.


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