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My countach build (dial up beware)!!!

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    Re: My countach build (dial up beware)!!!

    Originally posted by Amida
    Very nice job. Was this built on a Fiero chassis, or is it a custom tube frame?
    It has a tube chassis, the only thing left that is Fiero is the column ,and the two front spindles, everything else is either custom made,or from another donor.

    It use to use the Fiero rear subframe with the Fiero transaxle, and i remade the whole frame from the bulkhead (behind the seats) back with my own frame, and a Audi trans.

    Originally posted by godisgr8
    I really like the fact that you put an original twist to the body. Also, i see not much bondo unlike many I've seen in this site. Great paint. How does it handle? What's the spec on the motor?
    Once again great job.
    Well the car does has some filler in its not bondo free by any means but i did try to use it sparingly.

    Well i built a whole new front end for it while i was doing all this stuff and i havent got to drive it since,it drove good before but i wanted more leg room so i moved the firewall forward and scratch built it from there, hopefully it drives VERY good after this.

    The motor is a 355 with performer RPM heads, comp cam,eagle rods, TRW forged pistons ,scat crank,single plane intake i modded for fuel injection with a 1050 dominator for the throttle body , 42 lb injectors, and some other stuff im sure im forgetting too.LOL
    Car pics here----->


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      Re: My countach build (dial up beware)!!!

      WOW! Fantastic job! You are definitely an artiste with the metal fabrication! Definitely a work of art! That "country style" paint job is no joke either! It turned out BEAUTIFUL!!

      Thanks for posting........You give us motivation!!


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