hi to all,i have been reading the forum for a long time.i dont post, but enjoy reading everyones builds.i have messed with cars for a long time and have always want to build my own car from the ground up.well to make a long story short,i was going to build a diablo.well after restoring my fiero and putting all new suspension,corvette brakes and a 383 with tuneport fuel injection(getting the mechanical done first)i didnt have the heart to cut it up.so instead, i like the looks of the labala alot from graber cars.light wieght, cheaper to build and not many built.also i could add my touches with out the redicule of not being an exact replica.so i bought the plans and a pile of steel and went at it. here are some pics of the chassis.my chassis is a bit different than the plans,the labala didnt have doors and that was a must for me. if you guys are interested i will post more of the build and keep it to date.