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beemamans dna 458 build

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  • beemamans dna 458 build

    some updates from my beemamans dn8 build

    so far car is being prepared and ready for 3 coats of polyester before a good block and 3 coats of 2-pack primer to seal it all in.

    then for the lovley glossy topcoat...

    the shape of this dna kit is unreal you have to see it in the flesh to apreciate the work thats gone into this.when the topcoat is on and on its wheels you wont believe how good these kits are.

    i know ive said this before and ive had other kits from other companies but the shape and overall finish of the kit and gelcoat is so good

    heres a few piccies of the prep work so far...
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    some more...
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      and a few more

      also my dummy discs and calipers from when i had them to what the disc looks like now..

      also im fitting new discs and pads and all new suspension too
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        heres some more pics of new discs and pads to go on..

        ive added a few more pics of the car ive come across..

        will keep a detailed build from now on with all correct pics to work involved..

        hope you enjoy..
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          Looking good Beems!


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            in your honest opinion will it look like a 458 when it's finished, as in the dimensions are exact or very close.



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              Yeah how close are the dimensions?


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                hi beany

                cheers buddy im getting there....

                hi wonky
                its a great kit mate and i do think that its as close as you can get.i mean theres other people who say there kits are closer but overall the dna has always been the best.ive seen one painted buddy and its unbeliveable you would not be disapointed with a dna and also easier to build with flawless kits..

                hi skrilla000

                same as above buddy you will see when i post pics of car painted just how good it a perfectionist when it comes to cars so if im happy im sure all of you guys will love this car..

                pics will be up as soon as painted.....


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                  got my exhaust tips so im sending off to powder coaters to be done in black..will have pics up end of week


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                    Looks like this one, amongst others, is full steam ahead. Still can't believe how quick they come together, we've got 3 DN8 builds being shared on various forums, keep 'em coming


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                      Looks great. DNA does a real nice job making their kits.

                      How large are the wheel adapters going to be? Looks like a long stretch to fill up those wheel wells.
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                        Cheers d

                        Yes mate there are 3 now if these dn8 cars being built and its testamont to DNA for producing such easy and great kits to build.

                        Here's a few pics of exhaust tips in stainless.there off to powder coaters now to be done in satin black
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                          Hi mac

                          There the same as the scudo buddy but you could easily use one spacer and have some wheels with more offset.

                          The wheels are 20" buddy

                          It's a great kit buddy DNA have outdone themselves with this one


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                            Hi here's some prep piccies now.

                            Car is being polyestered now and then doors and bonnet.

                            3 coats of polyester then guide coated and blocked then 3 coats of
                            2-pack primer.
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                              And a few more
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