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    Bait and Switch King

    the post said that Victor or better known as Dr. Murcie likes to bait and switch on the parts he sells, I went to post my experince and I could not find the thread but, here is my experince, I bought a set of head light pieces, the ones in front of the lights, in the pix on ebay it showed the pieces with hinges and all but when I got the part it was just a piece of fiberglass, then I ordrered another 2,200.00 of parts and the ones I got were junk, when I was paying he said to pay through paypal and do it as a gift and he would discount the parts but, when I tried to get a refund through paypal I had no chance because it was not for goods and services. With all the scams going on just thought I would share my experince and from the other forum it seems there as been a few guys that has been scammed by this as well. best of luck building your car and watch for the scammers.

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    Victor from Cali? Oem parts guy?

    If him, I never had an issue.


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