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  • Originally posted by MacGyver View Post
    Square stock was added to allow the hinge to swing closer to the outer skin of the door. a piece of steel was also welded to the original hinge in back of the original mounting holes.

    Their are also other ways to get the same result such as adding a spacer like an aluminum block between the body and the hinge and then welding a piece of steel to relocate the door mounting holes.

    The object is to just have the door swing closer to the outer fender. Otherwise the doors will run into the fenders when opened.

    I do have one question, if I use the spacer method or adding stock metal as shown in the picture above, how do I keep the body lines together from the door to the front fender?


    • I think I understand what you are asking.

      The placement of the door doesn't change. The door will still operate as it did before as well as seal into the weather-strips as before. All you are doing is changing the location of where the door hinges and swings open. by altering the pivot point)
      If you look at any modern cars door jamb you will see that the door hinge is fairly close the outside skin of the vehicle. When you mount the new fiberglass door skin to the existing Sebring door it increases the thickness of the door over an inch and a half. By changing the hinge point from it's original location to near the outer skin of the new panel, it will prevent the door from hitting the front fender when you open it. If you don't alter the location of the hinges your door gap will have to be huge in order to keep the door from hitting the front fender when you open it.

      I hope this makes sense.
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      • I hate to do this on MacGyver's build page.. but ,I am selling my bentley kit, an original one.. I bought 5 years ago with interior it is on a car already I've done quite a bit of work, but no more garage space if any one is interested let me know. I have pictures and I've posted a few.. thank you


        • I am trying to post a few new pic's of my build, but no such luck
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          • Originally posted by fingaz73 View Post
            I am trying to post a few new pic's of my build, but no such luck
            What you can do is start a new thread in the Mall section to sell your car.

            As for the pictures, if you use Google at all, you can upload your images to Google photos, place them in an album and then share the link to the album.

            What I have found is that if you right click and copy an image that has been uploaded to Google photos, you can then paste the image into your posts. No other way seems to work like this.

            Lastly, you can use Photobucket if all else fails.
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            • thank you, I will if I ever figure this out lol


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