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  • Ferrari 288 GTO Project

    I'm considering a different direction in my 308 build. I finally have the kit attached to my Fiero frame lines up pretty good. But I have caught a bug from a fellow builder Don here in Victoria.
    I think I'm going to modify it into a 288 GTO. as I just love the lines.
    So the first thing I would like to find is a set of detailed 3D drawings hopefully get some dimensions to come up with a plan. The great thing is from the pictures I've studied the 308 Kit is a good starting point.
    If anyone can help me with this or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sorry Wayne;

    I forgot to send you my drawings last night after we talked. I have a set of 288 GTO drawings that are cut into sections that I can supply for you.

    Good luck with the rebuild and I look forward to helping out where I can.

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000S


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      Hi Wayne,
      Good to see you made it over and good luck with the project. I was curious whether you were the one Don was helping out. Now I know...

      Look forward to seeing your build progress.

      Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408


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        Well I have been going back and forth on how I want this to look. I want the 288 but I love the Koenig rocker and lower scoop, I've see RCR and and bunch of others on a Pennocks thread all really good stuff. So I've decided to build it with lots of help and advise from Don I think its going to look Awesome.
        The base kit is Rob's 308 kit so a good start for a 308 body to modify. I though it would be a good start to modify one side out of foam as a working pallet.

        So to start this thread I'll give you a bit of background on the car and what has been done to date.
        The donor is a rust free 87 Fiero GT which I have completely rebuild front to back, I've installed a 3800 SC Series II ,put in a cam, Intercooler and a 3.2 pulley and cold air induction.
        I'm running 18" Ferrari 355 wheels with a 3" spacer in the rear and 2" on the front. I have Installed coil overs in the rear and 1" drop spindle in the front.
        I'll try to upload the pics of my progress to date.Click image for larger version

Name:	20140226_150414_resized_1[3].jpg
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Name:	20140225_145347_resized_1[8].jpg
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Name:	20140227_171551_resized_1[1].jpg
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Name:	20140227_170635_resized_1[5].jpg
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Name:	20140227_170556_resized_1[8].jpg
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          A few more pic's
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            Nice ! Keep it up


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              More Pics

              I though some of you might like these
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                Todays progress

                Its coming along ,here's some more pics
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                  Coming along great. Your sculpting looks really good. When you get the body shaped/finished the way you want, are you going to skin it in glass, or do you plan to take molds, and lay up new parts to use on your car? Looks like you are using the triple expanding spray foam, have you considered getting 5 gal. drums of two part foam that you mix on site? I've found the latter to be better to work with, but either will work. Don't mean to sound like I'm advising, I'm not, just curious, you obviously know what you are doing. Also, if you have Don to help, and get advise from, you sure don't need any from anybody else!

                  Your engine install looks neat and clean, nice job.

                  I'd be interested to know what parts you used for you rear coil overs, they look great too!

                  Keep posting the updates as you're able, subscribing to this thread.


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                    Thanks for looking!!
                    Yes with Don's help I'm in good shape. The plan is to do up molds of the finished body and do new panels. I'm actually using the two part foam now on the front, I was trying the canned foam just to hold the white foam in place and see how it scupted.
                    The coil overs came from West Coast Fiero in California as did the front and rear springs.


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                      I'm loving this thread already!


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                        Ok, looking at the pics you posted again, I can see the difference between the front and rear sections in regard to the type foam used. Glad to hear you are going to do molds, long way around, but really the way to do it.

                        Thanks for the info on the coil-overs. Thought you might have built them yourself.

                        Looking forward to seeing your progress, so if you have the time and inclination, document as much as you can! Anxious to see your treatment for the hood-headlight/grille opening too. Are you doing a different windshield and/or back glass? Have you made plans for your interior yet? Don't mean to get ahead of things, just glad to see this being done and having the opportunity to watch.

                        Keep on keepin on!


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                          Looks great, Wayne. Keep feeding us pics.

                          Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408


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                            wow, amazing skills! love the lines...
                            quick question? how are you going to make sure the left side is symetrical to the roght?? templates ???
                            anyways this is sick


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                              todays update

                              Well , I've been busy the last two days sanding cutting ,more foam more sanding more cutting.more foam more sanding
                              So its time to let me know what everyone thinks? And perhaps what changes to make.
                              I'm not happy with the spoiler and the transition to the fender, I will have to take some time to play with it.
                              I've decided to cut the back off the rear clip and make a 3" body extension ,while its off I can make some mods the make it closer to the 288 then reattach adding the 3".
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