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  • Since my last posts I have been busy, I finished all the Sanding ,priming and painted the front of the car In preparation for building molds of the panels. I have have now completed 7 of the 9 molds that make up the front end from the rear fenders forwards.


    • Here are some of the fender molds


      • I had forgotten how good that car looks
        Now building in Mooresville NC


        • Looking great Wayne, keep the updates coming. I read that you added a lift and saw one in your pictures. Is it the scissor type lift that Harbor Freight-Princess Auto sells ? Can you elaborate more on what make & model#, quality, features etc. ? I'm sure there's other members like me, who are considering one of those lifts. Thanks ,Vince
          Remember, there is always next year.


          • Thanks Adrian I’m really excited that I’m finally getting to the finishing stage of this car thanks for visiting again.

            Hi Vince
            yes I picked the lift up used , it has a 6000 lb capacity with a 52” lift. Which is a perfect height for working on the car. I would highly recommend one to anyone, the only drawback I found is my car is so low I have to drive the car up on 3 - 2x12’s to have enough height to move the arms and clear the scissor.

            so I’ve now completed the last of the front end panels and am working on finishing the spoiler , I’m adding a flat piece for along the top where the front grill will mount.
            once that is done I’ll take some light finishing bondo to fill in the tight corners on the vent areas to help in the mold building , then some Epoxy primer and slick sand ,sand To 400 grit before I paint and mold.
            in order to get all the angles correct I mounted the fenders and center fill , gives a good look of what the car would look like in white.

            at the same time I’m Working on the vent/headlight area to get the angle and size of the vents to make a tool to hold while I’m welding.
            here are a few shots .



            • So I got the spoiler painted and ready to mold just waiting to get my 45 Gal drum of Fiberglass resin. I’ve pulled out the head light buckets and am finishing and cleaning them up.

              stay safe


              • The last update was awhile ago So this will bring everyone up to date. I have been working on getting the headlight buckets cleaned up and installed. The problem I ran into is the build has been going on for so long now I'm starting to forget how things go back together , or is that old age starting to creep up on me
                So I ended up having to get ahold of Don O. and take look at his setup That he designed and built . This was the first time I've had a opportunity to actually work with the headlight buckets. “Don and I calculated that it’s been 6 years with a 3 year hiatuses during my move since I started the original 308 kit that morphed into a custom 288 GTO. THAT’S a long time WOW!”
                They were the first molds I actually made ,having made quite a few over the last while I have to say they are not the best, once I get the buckets cleaned up I'll have to make new molds.
                As this was the first time Installing the buckets I found I needed to make a couple more mods to the inner headlight area to accommodate the Front facias of the buckets.
                So out came the plasma cutter and welder. As I am cutting into the back structure of the bumpers I needed to make sure the inner welds were strong before welding in a fabricated plate.
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                • Click image for larger version  Name:	D29055B9-876C-4084-BCEE-32B87138FCB5.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	131.9 KB ID:	476357
                  Last edited by dobie44; 07-05-2020, 11:18 AM. Reason: I finished the plate welds and work on installing the buckets ,they still need to be cleaned up but turned out ok. the real GTO look will come with the dual driving lights in the grill


                  • a update on the .
                    I have been busy over the last month I finally used the mold I made Of the front hood.I a did a carbon fibre infusion Layup for the front hood , it is two pieces top and bottom after laminating in mounting bracket for the hood hinges and hood lock I bonded it together. Click image for larger version

Name:	51B7D6B8-B8A8-41CF-B09C-B1AA336AFA9E.jpeg
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ID:	476874

                    I also took the driving lights and after prepping them painted them along with the front bumper with hot rod black

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	B099B628-E5AF-4F66-AB19-F4456077715C.jpeg
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                    I got a opportunity to use the powder coating system I purchased a on a few brackets came out pretty good and very quick 1 hour start to finish.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	D6F08247-3D7E-413E-A85E-67ACB1E20116.jpeg
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Size:	245.7 KB
ID:	476876

                    I also worked on pneumatic arms for the front hood, I had a extra set sitting around so after I figured out the mounting points I made up a couple brackets drilled and tapped a mounting point on the hood hinge it worked perfectly.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	03AF70A5-C063-4DB2-A71A-7E848348A651.jpeg
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ID:	476877Click image for larger version

Name:	3FF447C5-84AF-45C9-9F52-839B6F7EBE14.jpeg
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ID:	476878

                    my resin is supposed to arrive tomorrow so back to mold making and finishing of the rear half of the car .

                    Stay safe everyone.



                    • Hi Wayne
                      It was great to talk to you yesterday , I have some ideas about molds for your mirrors and the rear clip , went through most of your build last night , wow long road , just look back at all the stuff we have done in our lives's no wonder we are frigging tired .
                      The car looks fantastic , jealous of where you are in the build .
                      Looking forward to seeing it in person , hope that's soon . if you need a hand to lift the rear clip , I would run up there to give you a hand , it's only 30 minutes away .
                      Cheers Phil


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