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  • Well the first of eleven parts to the rear mold is basically finished (I still have to laminate the reenforcement onto the mold). It went pretty good after attaching the flange to the rear I put 4 coats of wax on then a heavy layer of PVA this is a fairly detailed complex piece so do not want anything to stick!!
    After the PVA dried I thought I would try something Sage does using two differant color gelcoats the first coat orange then after it tacked up a second coat using white . This will be like a witness coating as I sand and polish between body panels pulls letting me know when I'm into the final layer of gelcoat. Then laying the first layer of in my case 1 Oz.
    fiberglass mat. this is probably the most important layer to ensure it is fully attached with resin as anywhere it isn't will become a void under the gelcoat and will need to be repaired prior to making a part. I calculate if everything goes with out a hitch I should be finished the mold for the rear in a month.

    thanks for stopping by
    stay safe
    Wayne Click image for larger version

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    • Looking Awesome Wayne !!!! , I personally didn't think you needed that partition in the middle , but it's your build and I respect your judgement . don't forget to put some locator bumps on the flanges so there is no mistake to line them up for next time .
      Cheers Phil


      • Well the molds are completed and a body pulled from the molds , still lots of work but at least I have a body coming in at 1/3 of the weight of the plug.


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