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  • rundlc:

    "You may not like the in your words Vay thingy but there are 1000's that do.

    I feel he has done a great job and I for one applaud his efforts.

    K9 - Completely agree, as I've said all along.


    "Lambo and the others are NOT using chop carbon!!! They are using marble carbon, that is a VERY different processes. Marble carbon is mashed up strands mixed together with paste resin then spread in a 2 part mold. Chop is simply chop out of a chopper gun. Simpler but not the same. NEVER SAID I WAS THE FIRST!!!"

    K9 - Matt, you'll see my confusion of you read the Motortrend link I posted, Lamborghini actually call it forged carbon fibre, and I didn't say you said you were the first either, Cutlass did, so I agree with you on that too, and don't forget I've praised the quality of execution all along.


    "What a second. Who the hell cares who did what first? If I remember correctly this is a kit car forum and most (or at least some of you ) drive replicas that were ripped off from other manufactures. Lets be honest here of all of the Original concepts ever presented on this forum, Matt is one of the VERY few who not only came up with an original idea using a donor that nobody has, he also successfully marketed it. The fact that other companies have used carbon fiber in many form means just about nothing.:"

    K9 - Again, completely agree.

    What is the difference between one person saying they like a particular thing, and another saying they don't? Is one opinion any more valid than the other?. This is supposed to be a free country. I don't like the Vaydor, and I doubt Matt would like my old Range Rover, but both of us are equally entitled to say so.

    Reverse the roles. If Matt came on to a law enforcement or K9 behaviourist/training forum and said he didn't like my dog, is he less entitled to that opinion because it (possibly) isn't his area of expertise? Absolutely not, he is as entitled to that assessment as any one else is.



    • So are you really a k9 officer ? Where?
      There's quite a few officers in this forum


      • Originally posted by cutlass442 View Post
        So are you really a k9 officer ? Where?
        There's quite a few officers in this forum
        yup. sure are


        • Is there anybody in line for a customer car build currently in Matt's shop that would like to relinquish their spot?


          • Matt is there any chance that we will see you on a youtube channel like "Jay Leno's Garage"?
            I know Jay isn't too fond of "kit cars" but with the car being featured on a major motion movie he might go for it...


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