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    Cool... Looking Rad!


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          Both front stub axels on. Wheels and tires arrived. Now just waiting for the brakes to come back from the anodizer.

          Oh and need to find a few other little bits, like an engine


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            Just bought one of these to make sure I don't speed or boil over...

            Products » Display products » DASH2 - Racing - Race Technology Ltd - Automotive Technical Excellence

            It's used in the new Atom V8 so thought it would be good enough for me


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              Good progress, you will have fun a lot when you are finished .


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                Thank you.
                Can't wait for next spring!!!


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                  A little more progress.
                  There are a few parts still to turn up and then they need an engine!
                  Looks like I need to make a decision this weekend!


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                    looks nice!
                    can i ask, how much does a kit like this cost?
                    and little suggestion regarding your engine choice, 2.0 tfsi vwAG engine. stock it has 200 (to 270) and you can easily surpass 300, maybe reach 350 with some mods.
                    also if you have the budget (and the driving skills or craziness) maybe go super bonkers and throw in a 5cyl audi ttrs engine . stock 340hp, with a few mods 420. this would be a true killer.


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                      Good question! I'm now starting to get a bit short of time finding my engine.
                      I would love a 5cylinder audi in there. The noise and tune-ability are amazing.
                      The VW conversion is a fave for the Elise guys for a reason too.

                      I have decided to stick with the k20a as that's in the original and the wiring harness for the kit also hooks up to the K20a harness I've narrowed my search down further to:

                      2001-2005 JDM civic type R EP3 (220bhp approx)
                      2001-2006 JDM integra R DC5 (220bhp approx)
                      2002-2008 JDM accord R CL7 (220bhp approx)
                      2007-2013 JDM civic R FD (225bhp approx)
                      2001-2005 Euro civic R EP3 (200 bhp approx) VTEC cut in around 6000rpm unlike 5000 for other engines
                      2002-2004 RSX Acura S DC5 (200 bhp approx)

                      Being a Beatles fan,Lucy (in the) Sky (with) Diamonds (LSD) is certainly wanted, that helps rule out a couple...

                      Looks like the K20a2 of the euro R civic and RSX Acura S DC5 are out of the running.

                      That leaves:
                      2001-2005 JDM civic type R EP3 (@220bhp)
                      2001-2006 JDM integra R DC5 (@220bhp)
                      2002-2008 JDM accord R CL7 (@220bhp)
                      2007-2013 JDM civic R FD (@225bhp)

                      I'm reading that the CL7 balance shaft oil pump can cause added friction in the engine, draining power and that a DC5 type pump can be added for around $500 in parts. Makes the CL7 slightly less desirable. I intend to supercharge sometime in the future, so the improved intake of the CL7 is neither here nor there.

                      The basic kit is $12k with the roller being $17k. There's a good bit on the altraimports website about what is included. Finished, it's still about half the price of the US dealer of the 'real thing' as they also sell one in kit form for about $50k plus engine and assorted extras - which is way out of my league. This makes the dream possible
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                        Some idiot needs to find an engine soon!
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                          Started looking for the engine on ebay and got a bit carried away looking at US street legal harnesses. Looks like a set of these are on the cards...

                          Some Schroth profi II ASM FEs in black. At the moment, everything is black as I can't decide on the color...

                          I think MasterCard are going to show some good profits over the next month or so!

                          Still need to do something about the engine. It's just such a big amount to 'drop' on ebay...


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                            Soooo, it looks like the EP3 is the one to go for. Apparently I need that one as a preference as it has a different belt tensioner and it doesn't have a power steering pump.

                            Big day then tomorrow. Need to check the bank balance and then take (hopefully) the final big chunk outlay step. Just paint (how much can that cost?) and labor pretty much then.

                            The engine is coming from HMO. It has 35,400miles on it so just nicely broken in and a compression of 225 pretty much across the board apparently. It also comes with a warranty on the sensors.

                            I've learned that most end up with stuck idle control valves. Something to look out for if you're buying a K20A.

                            On a different note, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy last week with my little one. That ended up with me buying this as an alternative to my Simpson bandit for driving the kit.

                            An eBay bargain!


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                              Finally ponied up the last big amount and bought the engine last night. One of these:
                              2001-2005 JDM civic type R EP3 (220bhp approx) with 35,400 miles on it.
                              Bought it from HMO Specializing in JDM-USDM Engines &
                              Like this...
                              It was quite a premium over ebay, but from all the research I've done, the online Honda community think they are one of the best.
                              Keeping half an eye out now for a Jackson Racing supercharger for a Honda K20a. Only half an eye, as I can't really afford one at the moment but it would be nice. If anyone sees one used - let me know


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                                So this is the engine from HMO...

                                Looks clean enough to be the claimed 35k miles.
                                Bit worried it doesn't seem to have any belts on it.


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