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Looking for the plans of a couple of cars....

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  • Looking for the plans of a couple of cars....

    Hello everybody,
    Im George and Im located in Europe, a friend of mine is looking for the 3d body kit and the chassis designs of the Aventador, LaFerrari,
    or the Ferrari F80 but the last one is not in production yet.
    He found the following sites that offer the designs of cars:

    My question is: are these plans reliable? Are they in full scale? Are we gonna have good results by this way?
    Otherwise, where we could get the plans of these cars in order to make them by the CNC Milling?

    Thank you very much,
    waiting your replay.
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    3d models exists for these cars, they are easy to purchase. NO chassis plans exists for any of these cars besides 1 for the aventador and it has not been proven good to use.


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      thanx Ncrazyballa for your answer, who could you suggest me for buing these plans?
      P.S (when you say they exsist these plans, you mean also for the F80?)


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