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The SoulMark - A DelSol based Kelmark??

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    Thanks for the link. I've done that to two cars. A 69' Mustang and a 94 Civic. The Mustang lasted 11 years - and outlasted a friends welding job he did at the same time.

    I've since found that there are kits that can lower the car about 3.25 without bottoming out and giving reasonable travel using tophats. I may try that. However, if I have to be realistic, I'm coming to grips with the fact that this project is going to get wrapped until spring. I have no garage and the weather is getting worse and the days shorter. There is exactly one weekend left before I leave for family vacation and I have a daily driver that needs some love before conditions get too bitter. Don't be surprised if this is the last post until sunny days return.


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      Originally posted by rickjames8 View Post
      I'm coming to grips with the fact that this project is going to get wrapped until spring.
      So, I will post an update just so this doesn't become one of those long lost threads of wild dreams that never come to anything.

      On Dec 6 I posted that I was going to wrap the project until Spring.
      On Dec 15, I flew overseas for a family visit.
      Dec 30, I returned and went straight to Vegas for a trade show.
      During said tradeshow, my wife calls me to tell me that she's pregnant (!) (our first, BTW)
      I return from the tradeshow and begin to deal with the 100 or so contacts we made and try to make the best of them, while coming to grips with the fact that our 1200 sq ft house will no longer be big enough, and the 30 or so half-completed house projects must get done before April, which is prime house selling season here. Oh, and the daily driver that needed a timing belt change in the middle of winter didn't help much.
      April, projects are wrapped, and the house sells in 2 days.
      I now go in to full on house-buying mode, and try to get ready to move, which means getting the SoulMark moveable. I did some more body mods which enabled me to get the panels on the car firmly and drove it around the neighborhood.
      Found a house, bought it, then the company I was with ran out of money and I was laid off.
      Now in a limbo of working on fixing up little things as you have with a new house, and trying to look for a new job.
      So to say the Soulmark isn't getting much love is an understatement. I worked on it for an hour the other night, just as a sort of therapy. The exterior driver door handle is busted so I am installing my electric poppers.

      But I am under no illusions that this car will not see a lot of love in the next year so so. We're due in August and there are still a lot of house projects.

      My progress has been mostly confined to late night eBay Motors shopping for parts.

      Also, the car now has a garage to live in. So if/when I do have the time, I don't need to worry about the weather.


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