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  • "Received some bling for the car today, Gas, Brake, Driver side Foot Rest and Passenger side Foot Rest from Ultimate Pedals in Florida,"

    Those look great! Looking forward to seeing them installed.

    Luvin the coverage of your refurb on the car.

    This is going to be one sweet, well done ride when you get finished!


    • How's it going Dana, Is this at body & paint?


      • No body and paint yet Mr355 . . . . . . I ran into a lot of nagging little jobs on the car which used up all my time to the holidays. Early snow this year in southern Maine bought the outdoor car work season to an end. I need a three bay garage but the wife's foot is down firm and I won't put the gyrocopter out in the weather. Before the body shop I still need to recess where the side fender shields go and make up the rear deck louvers, then fit them in. A big safety issue needs to be resolved this coming spring with the throttle cable. Previous owner has used what I believe to be the Buick Regal throttle cable that the 3800 SC came from. Held in place and connected to the throttle body and pedal up front with wire ties. . . . . . I should have inspected this car much better before taking a high speed test run with it, back when I received it!!

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        • If not mistaken I believe an 84 throttle cable will hook right up... I will double check the year and get back with you , but know it is 1 specific year and believe 84 is it..


          • Update on the brakes / vacuum issue, I was able to swap the brake booster from my 88 parts car before winter. Brakes now working as they should and the idle on the engine is much better.

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            • Ferrari Key Part 1: Back in February 2018, CDD had a great idea to make up a key for his car with a Ferrari key shell.


              So I gave this idea a try with a few different twists. CDD left the neck on the key shell frame but I removed it so the ignition tabs would fully insert into the key shell. I feel this would be stronger preventing cracking the shell frame. Since I would not be using the remote feature, I purchased another key shell so I would have a prancing horse on each side. Not just looks but I wanted to fill the key shell with reinforced epoxy for greater key holding power in the shell.

              Ferrari key shells are available on Ebay.

              Cut the key sides and drill a hole so the epoxy will flow through.

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              • Ferrari Key Part 2: Cut slots in the key shell frame so the Fiero ignition switch tabs can fully insert, also the slot in the frame front will need to be widened so the key can be inserted.

                Test fit in ignition switch to insure proper engagement.

                I made little partitions to prevent epoxy from interfering with ignition switch tabs engagement inside the key shell frame. I may not do this with the next key by filling the entire frame with epoxy then machining out the epoxy when I put in the slots for the ignition switch tabs.

                Reinforced epoxy poured.

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                • Ferrari Key Part 3 Finished “Ferrari” key.

                  Test fit, perfect fit and function.


                  • Very nice job!

                    Key looks great.

                    Thanks for posting the "how-to"


                    • Very nice job! Are you making any for sale?


                      • I finally fixed the unsafe throttle cable situation on the Aldino Spider. With the help of the Misses, I watched the throttle cable as she stepped on the accelerator pedal. The wire ties were not doing a very good job of holding the cable in place and the wire tie holding the cable end on the side of the throttle cam, “not” in the cam track acted more like an off / on toggle switch.

                        Note this is not a Fiero cable but rather a Buick throttle cable, so I removed the homebrew jig and modified 3800 throttle cable mount to except the Buick cable.

                        To get the full throttle cam travel, I shorten the cable protector end.

                        I modified the U clip used in the homebrew jig, to lock in the Buick cable to the 3800 throttle cable mount securing it with pop rivets.

                        Now with the throttle cable riding in the throttle cam track, I secured the end with a bolt. The accelerator pedal is now smoother with a linear response.


                        • interesting way to to it. I just grinned off the tabs on the ignition, for my porsche key


                          • Earlier I had removed a Buick fan unit from the frontend that was only pulling up dirt into the radiator and replaced the homemade front clip supports with an Aldino factory support. Removing the fans left a large opening in the bottom and in the Aldino build manual they gave me, it showed an insert that goes in there. So ordered the insert from Aldino and installed it but since I was going back in I painted the front of the chassis. I also noticed a metal clip on top of the chassis nose in front of the radiator that was not needed so removed it.

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                            • Time to start stripping the body. Have not been looking forward to this job. I will be using a fiberglass boat paint remover called Aqua Strip. Claims not to harm the gel coat and will lift up to seven layers. Saw an episode of Overhauling where Chip Foose overhauled a fiberglass kit car and cautioned against media blasting. So on with a chemical strip. Picture shows test on door sill, I see four layers and the car was once blue!


                              • Dana, check your messages, -Vince
                                Remember, there is always next year.


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