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G28 - Simple Mans, Simple REDO of an G28 LP640

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  • Originally posted by G35Mike View Post
    Man did I miss a ton of work you did here. My you have been busy! The progress your making is insane and the attention to detail that you still have is impressive. I think I would have lost interest at some point or if not, I would have taken twice as long to get things done... Suppose I would never have driven the car but my grand kids may have had a shot at it. lol and why would they care too drive a dinosaur when they will probably have self driving flying cars that run on a mix of sunlight and batteries and have a range of over 1000+ miles? lol Not to mention they will probably be living Jetsons style in the sky with not a road to be seen. What a sad depressing thought.
    Thanks G35!


    • Back on the REDO after 24 days off. Went to Italy and toured the Lambo and Maserati factories , Then caught the stomach flu when we got home . Then my gals father passed last week. Things are slowly returning to normal......


      • The flanges are almost done on the driver door. The roof now has a flange and the lower flange is now straight.

        I also added the flange just under the windshield, not sure what type of weather strip goes there

        The flange that is horizontal and toward the front of the car will require some REDO as it is pretty flimsy as it was ground down and cracked in places.


        • My buddy with the machine shop did the REDO on the Arruat bushings.

          the 1st two pictures are the Arruat fit The 2nd two are the REDOs

          A tighter fit is always good !!

          Hoping I can put Arruat behind me now!!


          • Nice!
            I bet visiting the factories gave you a spurt of motivation?


            • Originally posted by 20below View Post
              I bet visiting the factories gave you a spurt of motivation?

              In away it did motivate me, But actually made me wish I had a real one


              • Started working on the doors yesterday. Had my new used latch for the drivers side and some thing was off . After looking at numerous pictures of latch installs on this website the PO had installed the passenger side latch on the drivers side.

                So the Striker plate is in the wrong position and will require a REDO.

                I test fitted the inner door. With the inner door clamped in place I test fitted the outer skin.
                Need to move inner door to the rear 1/2 inch, this will require fixing a few things.
                lower right corner and upper vertical piece. The front isn't sealing so the gap needs to be closed.



                • The inner door is hitting on the lower rear corner. Which is not allowing it to go back the 1/2" needed. I added material on the inside and took material off the outside. It is getting close. Added another 3 layers, and will grind it down tomorrow.

                  Might have been quicker to pull a mold off the door that came with the REDO and fiberglass it to the new inner door.... but too late for that now


                  • While waiting for the fiber glass to cure, the new custom front sway bar was installed. It solved two problems, the coil over was rubbing on the OEM sway bar, and it wasn't not long enough.

                    Now the angle is better with the Rodney Dickman Zero Lash End Links. And it doesn't touch the coil overs

                    Looking through old pictures, the REDO's front end has come a long way!!


                    • Progress on the latch area of the Door. The fiberglass where the latch mounts was warped as well.

                      It takes time to let the multiple layers of Fiberglass cure. I can see why the PO just loaded it up on Rage filler

                      For the corner it took 9 layers and the latch area 6. At least The REDO doors will have a thin layer of dyna glass and rage.

                      The inner and outer doors line up pretty good in the latch area now

                      OLD DOOR LATCH AREA


                      • Now that the inner door is pushed back to the correct position the issue now moved to the wheel well area. I have a huge gap.

                        When compared to the Old doors the shape is completely different.

                        The old door has a hump in the curved part the new door does not. The old door is longer. The new door is warped pretty badly.

                        Decided to make my own curved section for the inner door.


                        • To fill the gap between the inner door and the front seal the door length had to be increased.

                          Once a good seal was obtained, the curved piece was fiber-glassed in


                          • Made the frame for the Door.

                            The old door was attached to the frame in one location, which to me seemed iffy.

                            I will be making a frame so the hinge will be attached to the REDO frame on three sides


                            • Tested to see if the door hit the fender in the raised position. Attached frame to hinge with two spot welds. Then taped the outer skin to the inner

                              Test was a success, the outer door skin cleared the fender with a small gap between the two panels


                              • I think the REDO on the drivers door is headed in the right direction.

                                Here is a picture of the Old door install before the driver side A pillars width was increased. Alignment not so good.

                                Here is the REDO alignment better


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