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G28 - Simple Mans, Simple REDO of an G28 LP640

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  • While waiting around for some parts for the door latch....

    Cut the passenger rocker out and modified the OEM replica rocker.

    Widened the Sill.

    Tested for fitment

    Took off the Driver OEM replica rocker. Definitely a REDO


    • sorry, didn't put in the link
      there's several parts to this build


      • Received the missing parts for the latch.

        Did a little Dyna glass, Rage Gold.

        The latch functions great now

        Installed the reducible force gas door spring. The drivers side some how leaked oil over everything, and no longer had the lift. I used this one on the passenger side and installed a new on the drivers side.

        Test fitted the door skin.

        On to the door handle


        • Actually nice out today so took the REDO out side

          Got the the final mock up on how I want the rocker to sit.

          Needed to add to the length of Qtr panel and a bit to the rocker. So spent a bit of time cleaning and grinding the inside of the qtr panel for fiber glassing.


          • Raining today so the REDO stays indoor.

            Actuator bracket and handle mount made and painted.

            now on to reassembly


            • When using OEM side glass the G28 side mirrors wont work. Jose and Pedro were both selling Murcielago two piece replicas, but they were not LP640 style.

              You can find some pretty good deals on LP640 style side view mirrors that are broken. Both of mine were purchased as multiple basket cases over the span of 5 years. You just have to be patient.

              Both driver and passenger side the folding mechanism were broken. Lamborghini doesn't sell the parts to fix this but you can replace the plastic gear that is cracked for $59

              the worse part was aligning the silver metal bracket with the threads, with the black motor flange to bolt the two pieces of the side-view mirror together.

              here is a video link of mirror folding


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              • Reassembled the door then took it apart to start fitting the door skin.

                Need a few adjustments on my door latch, but ran out of welding wire, Saturday before it arrives.

                The cutting and sanding the door skin actually went well, this time


                • Any new updates?


                  • Originally posted by Murcie Me View Post
                    Any new updates?
                    Murcie Me , work got in the way but made some progress today!


                    • Worked on the frame stiffing in the rocker area. Used 1/8 rec tube for the bottom and my machine shop friend brought by some high strength steel plate for the side.

                      Also added ladder for sill area and made a sheet metal piece backed by dyna mat to go over the spray can insulation. Will caulk the seams later

                      avoided catching the car on fire


                      • New windshield install on reworked A pillars.

                        When the REDO was purchased the doors could not shut with out breaking the windshield. (A pillars to close together)

                        Spent some time sanding the correct 2 angles and mocked up the height with 1/4 of washers.

                        Now the door install can continue.


                        • Originally posted by Simple Man View Post
                          New windshield install on reworked A pillars.

                          Is that one of the custom made extended windshields from several years ago? If so, does it bow downwards in the middle along the top? I have four of them on hand and every one is warped along the top edge.


                          • What are the two washers under the windshield for? Are you going to put a surface mount trim along the edge of windshield, along the sides and top?


                            • Hey Blooz;

                              This is not one of those screens. All the Air Dynamics screens have the centre being bowed down along the top edge. Mine does as well and needed a little work on the body around it. Have a look at my thread and you will see the dip in the centre.


                              Originally posted by Bloozberry View Post
                              Is that one of the custom made extended windshields from several years ago? If so, does it bow downwards in the middle along the top? I have four of them on hand and every one is warped along the top edge.
                              308 Ferrari replica
                              Prova Countach 5000S


                              • Thanks Don. I noticed that dip about a year ago in the ones I have... rather frustrating.


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