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G28 - Simple Mans, Simple REDO of an G28 LP640

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  • G28 - Simple Mans, Simple REDO of an G28 LP640

    Over the years I have been reading and lurking here, and on other forums. Learned a lot form other members who have failed and some that have succeeded.

    Having traveled to look a number of unfinished cars across the country, visted Mike Vetter and Michael Chase, I finally purchased a G28.

    This car is based on an 87 Fiero and has a 3800 Series II SC for a power plant.

    So many thing to REDO on this car that it can make your head spin around. It will not be a "Simple" project but we will plug away on it.

    I will try to post my progress and appreciate any help from others who have gone before!

    Simple Man

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    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408


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      Originally posted by RCR View Post
      I inserted them and uploaded, they came out great! On LC, did the same thing and you can actually see them!
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        The 87 cradle in the car is pretty trashed. So an 88 cradle will be stretched and installed. The engine, which is leaking badly from the crank area, will we resealed.

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          let see if this works

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            In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!


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              Originally posted by ITALIANKNIGHTRIDER View Post
              Thanks for the link IKR

              Wide track front and rear should be here in two weeks. The 87 cradle that was in the car was cracked and pretty messed up.

              Using FieroRog brackets to mount the alternator where the power steering pump was located...yes it was left on the motor when installed.

              FieroRog, from pennocks also makes a nice set of Left and right trans mounts and engine mount for the 88 cradle for the swap. Those are in bond and will be here on the 9th of February.

              Guess I better get the 88 cradle stretched


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                Ha ! a day early !!Got the 3800 swap brackets for the trans and engine in the mail today from FeiroRog over at Pennocks. They dont look like much but they are key to the re-install on the engine from the 87 cradle to the 88.


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                  Now to stretch the nice 88 cradle hopefully Saturday as I will need some time to get this done... correctly

                  hate to cut into such a nice looking cradle


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                    As far as I can tell you cut and stretch it here?

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                      this is a picture of the 87 cradle that was in the car... pretty ugly
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                        mocked it up, about 10.5". A couple of spot welds

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                          test fit, then weld. Had to use a come along to pull the frame in as it was off about 1/2 bolt. The rear of the car has no support beam to hold it in place. One will have to be added

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                            Took it back out of the car, and check measurements, and finished the stretch. Overall pleased with the outcome.

                            Does any diagonal buttress pieces need to be added?

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                              Engine and trans separated and crank nut off!!
                              will replace, water, oil pump, alternator, ac compressor, oil pan, crank and various other gaskets. Upgrade headers to pace setter ceramics, smaller pulley, thermostat, plugs and pcm upgrade.

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