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My 1988 Mera restoration and modifications.

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  • My 1988 Mera restoration and modifications.

    It has taken me some time to start this thread but I finally took some time to upload pictures. So bare with me we have some catching up to do.

    About 2 months ago I visited a friend in San Jose California and agreed to take his late mother's Mera and bring it back to a presentable condition. Sadly the car had sat outside uncovered and unloved for a couple of years due to other pressing issues in their lives. So when I pick it up it was looking pretty sad.

    Here is it when I started.

    Fresh gas at the bottom of the hill from its home, getting ready to head out on its 3 hour drive back to my home.

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    One of the first stops was to my detail shop. I had to remove the louvers and emblems for them to be able to polish the paint.

    The paint was extremely dull.

    The paint on the louvers was faded and peeling badly. So I took aircraft paint remover and stripped them all the way down to metal and then repainted them with a nice thick coat of SEM trim black.


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      When the car came back front detail the paint looked amazing. I was really surprised how much they were able to bring it back.


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        The interior, however, was still very tired. It was all stock 1988 Formula interior with no upgrades. It really let down the appearance of the car.

        So I started by buying a set of door panels off eBay that had the lower carpeted area cover in leather. However, they were beachwood and had holes for manual windows. This turned out to no be a problem because I was able to take the map pockets off my door panels and switch them over to the new door panels completely covering the window crank holes.


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            Now that the door panels were sorted out I ordered a set of MrMikes Italian II seats with black and black dot centers and red stitching. The covers will arrive tomorrow and I hope to get them installed during next week.

            I also picked up a new steering wheel.

            And I ordered TXGOOD cupholder armrest and console door. MrMike was able to mail him the same material used on my seats so they will match perfectly.

            I have black vinyl sun visors coming as well.

            There is a lot of work going to be happening to this car, so I will try to keep this thread updated.


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              I ordered one of Rodney Dickmans Mera bumper kits. I think it will look so much better with the smaller bumper and factory Ferrari turns along with the fog lights. I can't wait for it to arrive.



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                My seat upholstery is here! I cannot wait to install it. Hopefully, I will get them on this week.



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                  Today I got the top of one seat done. I am really impressed with MrMikes seats, as always.



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                    One seat is done.



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                      Today I added some original Ferrari 308 door jamb stickers.

                      I also added some water transfer decals on my steering wheel. The wheel is a cheap aftermarket and it is obviously way too modern to be factory 308 wheel so I added the decals to make it appear to be an upgraded part that was made for a Ferrari.



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                        Okay sorry for the tons of posts all at once. I started this thread over at Pennocks a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share it here as well since I documented my last AD355 build here. I will try to keep this updated as a go along.


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                          You may have already posted, may I ask what your Mera number is?


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                            Originally posted by mera308gts View Post
                            You may have already posted, may I ask what your Mera number is?
                            You know that is something I never checked. I just opened the engine cover and it said that it is Mera serial number 8031, is that it's number?


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                              Give me the VIN and I can cross reference the build number against the registry.


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