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My 1988 Mera restoration and modifications.

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  • Originally posted by DeLorean00 View Post
    Sorry for being MIA, my wife's uncle passed away unexpectedly. So we have to take some time to be available for him and the family. Then we have a massive heatwave where we had temperatures of over 107 for like 8 days straight. During that heat wave I decided to take the car to a shop to have the A/C system replaced and while there it turned out that the A/C compressor that Amazon sold which their program said fit my car perfect and visually looked the same did not fit. So a 1-day shop visited ended up being a 6-day visit. After 6 days there they got all the parts in and installed them only to find out the A/C lines that come off the back of the compressor have a massive hole in them and replacements are not available anymore according to them. Does anyone here have the lines off the back of compressor for a 1988 Formula? I could have had a shop in town rebuild the line but that meant the Mera would be at the shop another full week and I was done with that. It was a good thing I took it back, it was getting extremely dirty and will need a good polish again. Finally my favorite chicken Big Red became very very sick the day I was going to get my car and I did not think she was going to make it. Luckily my wife trained to be a veterinarian before training to became and embalmer so she was able to treat my hen at home and I am happy to say she is doing much better now and I think she will make it.

    Now I am back and I will be posting updates here again soon, inculding updates on KEYS! I can't wait to finish this car.

    However for the time being here is a video from yesterday.

    Any updates?



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