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BRU DVL's Vaydor Roadster Build

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    wow, really happy for your progress keep the pictures coming.


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      Vaydor Wheel offset size

      Hi, I saw you were posting on Vaydor wheel offset size sometime ago, I am building one now, do you have the answer for the offset or spacer you are using ? Or I believe you have complete the car, any info you can share will be very much appreciated.

      Originally posted by BRU DVL View Post
      I'm still shocked my stock GTR rims sink so far into the back wheel wells. The fronts have a 1/2" spacer already to accommodate the big brake kit and they still sit where they are. I haven't gotten any response to any wheel questions I've posted in other threads. Still heart set on 20's. I've seen wheels sizes posted, 9.5" up front, 12ish in back. Just have no clue what the offset and spacers needed. I'm trying to keep my wheel budget in the $3500 range with rubber. I live in Oregon so probably gonna run all seasons on this car. No point in running sport tires as I'd rather be safe in the rain in this car. If anyone knows of the wheel offset and spacer size, I'd be eternally in your debt if you could tell me.

      After the body goes on, I'm gonna take the car home and let my leather guy get the leather installed and install some other goodies as well. I currently have most the interior accent pieces, rocker panels, and front lip in my garage, gonna do a carbon fiber layover on them with a matte "dry carbon" finish. I wanted to do the trim pieces on the exterior of the car, but my wife thinks its too much carbon and likes the Graphite color we chose for the accents to go with the gunmetal for the paint color. And it's a pain in the butt to do a layover for those detailed parts and I don't have the time to mold them and make new solid carbon pieces. Still trying to decide on a stereo for the car, not happy with how most of them look. No clue how the rear of the convertible top attaches. Just figured out where the gas lid goes. And that's where I'm at.


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        Your project is looking very nice. I would like also to start such a project to rebuild this car. The only problem is that I am not good regarding the tech parts of a car, especially suspension. I've read on a lot of sites about rim's offset and I can't understand this process of how to do it. A lot of useful info I've read on, but I am in a dilemma about how to transform this information into practice. Maybe you could help me to find some videos where I can see how to modify all with my own hands without a mechanic.
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