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  • Euro Vaydor Build

    Ive been around the forum for quite some time, but decided to create a new username, more appropriate for future plans.
    I might be one, if not the last one, to get the Vaydor built by Matt himself. Im located in Europe, so also its one of the very few that got shipped to Euroland. Since the winter is approaching slowly, Im not planning to get it up and running this year, but thought I might as well start logging the journey.
    First impression when I saw the car at the customs was Holy ****! The car does look quite special and already got some attention when we were transporting it on the trailer. Also got stopped by police twice since they were tipped off that someone is transporting a lambo out of the country lol.
    After checking the papers they scratched their heads and waved us goodbye.
    No-one can argue that Matt has done a huge job designing and creating the Vaydor, but considering the price these cars go for on Ebay etc, theres some parts Im not so pleased with, so were gonna strip the car to the bones and start from scratch. Heres the list of what is planned and which parts are already waiting to get installed.

    Parts already bought and ready to go:

    1. New front lower control arms
    2. Voodoo rear traction rod arms
    3. Voodoo rear toe arms
    4. New subframe bushings Energy Suspension
    5. New compression rods
    6. Motordyne Shockwave TDX2 Exhaust System
    7. Eibach Rear Camber Arms
    8. Eibach Pro Alignment front upper control arm kit
    9. BC racing coilovers
    10. Stanceparts front lift kit
    11. G37 big brake kit for G35 and new carbon pads
    12. 2 inch front spacers
    13. New seatbelts EU requirement is E marking on the seatbelts
    14. Yellow led bulbs for rear lights EU requirement is yellow rear indicators, red rear indicator is a NO GO!
    15. New side mirrors with yellow indicators EU requirement is either yellow side markers or yellow indicators built in side mirrors.
    16. APS Performance Carbon wing.
    17. Nexus 7 2013 LTE rooted tab with new ROM/Kernel and loads of gadgets to run TV/FM radio, rearview camera, steering wheel buttons etc as stock. All the sound system will be operated through the tab. Subs in the trunk etc.
    18. Front and rear parking sensors with rear view camera
    19. Keyless go system/push-button start
    20. New clockspring - old one not working
    21. New LH window motor old not working

    Things to buy/waiting delivery:

    1. Carbon steering wheel
    2. Windshield wiper system
    3. Rear fog light - EU requirement
    4. Rear number plate lights
    5. New windshield EU requires E marking, DOT not approved
    6. New tyres EU req. DOT not approved

    Engine will be fully built:

    1. New forged Cowler rods and pistons
    2. New intake
    3. New headers
    4. Kinetix manifold (will have to see if it fits under the hood)
    5. Speed force racing fully built AT transmission Yes, my car is AT haha
    6. Custom built twin turbo system
    7. Standalone ECU
    8. Upgraded fuel/oil system
    9. New Mishimoto radiator, and transmission cooler

    Some things that need rework:

    1. Front and rear crash bars have been removed. Ill have to see if we can refit them and if not, custom build. Dont really want to drive without any front/rear support when someone slamms into you.
    2. Screws EVERYWHERE! All the panels outside/inside have been installed using screws. We have just finished pulling everything apart and removed most of the screws.
    3. Needs sound deadening all over the place. Wheel wells need to be built.
    4. The frame has not been painted - climate in Europe is not like in Florida. Need to spray the car inside out for rust protection.
    5. Trunk - have to build the trunk and again more Dynamate
    6. Power mirrors have been removed need to rewire everything and make them work
    7. Headlights not working properly need to check the whole electrical system
    8. Seatbelts need to be properly mounted the attachement on the floor for the seatbelt was way too thin, it would never hold incase of an impact.
    9. Needs new door seals
    10. Air conditioning is connected using some otc ventilation pipes. Need to check if it can be replaced with something better.

    These are some of the things that are first on my list, probably more to come as we continue working on the car. Bodywork is scheduled to start in September and well take it nice and easy. To come are carbon rear diffuser, carbon side skirts, carbon door handles in and out and lots of carbon inside.

    Full European Union registration process ahead. I've been in contact with the authorities and planning to jump all the hoops to get it properly registered in Europe since the plan is to build more of these things to a proper standard, as they should be. So if theres more guys in Europe thinking of buying/ordering one stay tuned

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    Welcome ! We love pictures please post a lot of them


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      Sweet let's put Power and technology in to the Vaydor


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        Here are some pictures of the car. As I've said we are stripping the car to fix the stuff I'm not so happy about. Somehow I can't post direct pictures so I hope these will work.


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          You can use to post pics.
          Posted via HTC or Windows 10. Images hosted on


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            vaydor build

            I did not have Matt shop build our - we are doing everything from scratch to improve on the situations if possible:

            1. YEs, IT MORE OF A SHOW CAR, not daily driver. No bumper re-enforment, We could not figure out a good placement for front but did custom make one for the rear as ther eis much more space here. Just have to be conscious of the gas lines as they are moved to rear. We tried several ways to leave it onthe side but they did not work well.
            2. Screws EVERYWHERE! we used alot of expansion nuts which worked really good here to avoid screws which strip and do not go in/out of same location 30-40 times when fitting everything.

            3. Needs sound deadening all over the place. Wheel wells need to be built. Yes took alot of extra fiberglass and planing to get them sturdy
            4.The frame has not been painted - climate in Europe is not like in Florida. Need to spray the car inside out for rust protection: We are in FL and used under armor on the body for sound and chassis for rust

            ► EuroV, what is your plan for Wdw washer motor. Original does not work as the vaydor dash & windshield has been moved way forward. Looking for any ideas - thanks


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              We haven't started the bodywork yet (hopefully within the next two weeks), taking the electricity first. Can't program the control wheel steering cause the buttons won't work - broken clockspring. First new one that arrived didn't match the car so ordered now a new one from Dubai, hope that will fit. Lights need to be added like rear fog light and number plate lights, then comes the multimedia system. Headunit is nexus 7. Fuses will be added to the ignition and connected to a 7 port usb hub. That will run the dvb-t for fm, backup camera video dongle and the chip that controls the steering controls. Hub will be connected to the tab via OTG cable. Rear view camera will be tapped into reverse light and relays added. And somewhere in there are also distance sensors for rear/front. Climate panel will be changed from F to Celsius.

              We have some thoughts with the ws. wiper but it ain't cheap, I'll post some info if it works. Probably need to place the motor on the pax side as others have done and run linkage rods to the drivers side.

              The car is too tail happy, that's why we are also adding more heavy sound deadening to the trunk. Took it to a test drive and with stock engine the tires where spinning all the time. Imagine what will happen with 600 to the wheels.
              Lots of stupid rules in Euroland, just got a new windshield with E markings, no DOT here. I was thinking about rivets to connect the interior panels in place. Winter is slowly approaching in a few months, so not in a hurry with the build.
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                looking really good


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                  2 years have passed since my last post and the car will be soon ready for the European registration process. As usual, lots of ideas are coming up almost every day, but since they are mostly cosmetic, the first goal is to get the car registered and then well continue with the engine swap and more interior/exterior updates.
                  Ill try to list most of the mods done by heart and add more stuff later.

                  1) the whole car had a serious alignment issue, so every single panel had an overhaul.
                  2) since the car was already stripped down, rust protection paint on the floor and cage
                  3) sound insulation (the whole interior, using STP black gold)
                  4) front bumper redone, cleaned up the lines and opened up the middle part to reinstall the crash bar that was removed when I got the car from the States
                  5) rear end totally redone, gas gap moved to the side, because of the massive custom built retractable rear spoiler.
                  6) exhaust moved to the center with custom built quad tips
                  7) new mirrors, used on 2019 Seat Cupra R. Redone in real carbon fiber
                  8) carbon fiber door handles
                  9) new custom built windshield wiper system
                  10) custom built trunk and all sorts of mods to redirect water away from the cabin, engine bay, trunk.
                  11) new custom built wheel well linings
                  12) new seats from Lotus Elise, since the original seats cant be used. European rules yeiiii!
                  13) new windshield had to be ordered, missing the magical E marking
                  14) new seat belts with E marking, had to re-weld the attachment points and drill new holes for bolts
                  15) new steering wheel, redone in carbon and perforated leather/red stitching
                  16) motordyne tdx v2 full exhaust with custom built end/test pipes
                  17) OEM lamborghini huracan tail lights with E marking and custom built led strip/3rd brake light

                  these are more or less most of the bigger mods that were done. Rest of the stuff are basic things like headlight tint, new paint job etc. Happy to answer, if any questions.
                  Ill add some of the pictures as well, more on file from the whole building process.

                  Next up will be engine swap and more interior mods (dont wanna reveal the plans right away, but expect to see something slightly different from other Vaydors)


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                      Also feel free to check instagram vaydor_europe to keep up with the build

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                        Great job with your build! Love the customization you've done - I wish I was on this forum long ago so we could compare notes on issues like crash bars (we kept them), doors, etc. Will definitely keep up with the forum and add content!


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