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  • Had a look at the flare attachment video and noticed you talked about a lip. I highly recommend a lip as it helps finish off the wheel well so nicely. For your wheel well lip you can do several different options. The biggest thing with a finished wheel well is the curvature being as clean as it can and being as close as it can to the proper wheel curvature. take a look at any wheel well that has not been constructed with this in mind and you will see the areas that don't conform to the curvature very easily. These are pretty hard to do correctly.

    Option 1:
    Find a barrel or large tube the is very close to the same radius as what your wheel well opening is. Coat it or seal it accordingly and then lay 1 or 2 layers only (no more) of FG over to protected area. Make it fairly wide as well as it will require trimming to fit to the flare shape etc. Once it is set, take off the fg and you will have a very clear and consistent curvature for the lip. Put the fg lip up against the wheel well and you will be able to push it out a bit to fit up against the opening edge. I use a hot glue gun to then secure it to the wheel well opening from the outside and lay up a couple layers of glass on the inside to secure to lip to the part. Use FG reinforced putty to clean up the outside edge after you have secured the lip.

    Option 2:
    Same process as above but lay the glass over your protested tire. Works the same just a bit more pushing out of the lip when fitting. (But you have the tire for curvature reference rather than having to find a tube or barrel that is close... You can also put some filler in between the wheel and the well lip to get it even closer to the lip shape but still keep the proper curvature.

    Option 3:
    Use some aluminum flashing material and confirm it to the wheel well shape and hot glue it to the wheel well and then use that to create your well lip. Issue with this is that getting a consistent well shape is quite difficult.

    If you can do either option 1 or 2 in some form, I think you will be much happier with the end result.

    Cheers and good luck

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    • Instead of a barrel you can glue a few pieces of plywood together and cut them the diameter you need.


      • Good comments guys!


        • Homemade DIY Widebody Complete!


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