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SL-X? Build - One-Off Supercar Build

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  • SL-X? Build - One-Off Supercar Build

    I'll post more up later (included the whole back story). This started as an SLC, however, very little of the body, (with lots of chassis changes) remain.

    Until I can get pictures to work (not sure why,, tried uploading with both Chrome and FF with no luck. Here is a FB link to the build (Moderators, if you can let me know why the uploads/pics won't work, I'll gladly upload them here and remove the link).

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    Posting pictures on this site is no longer allowed. Best to get a hosting site for the pictures and insert with the image icon above.

    Quite the build you have there.

    Interested in hearing more of what you have done to everything.
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      Heres how to post pictures

      Since you have a CNC machine, I think you can make a great design that you can sell as kits too... but for me your current design doesnt proportionately look balanced. Have you made a photoshop to see what the side profile would look like with the new windshield?

      This is something I would do.
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        SL X Build One Off Supercar Build

        Great sander looks like the kind knife makers use. I did one too with a treadmill motor... Well the whole thing is from the cut up treadmill.... Different design entirely. In case you have virtually any queries regarding where along with tips on how to utilize Is NZ Lotto tax free or How can I improve my poker game, you possibly can e mail us at our web-site


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          I updated the picture on top. working the roofline at the moment.


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            I'm looking forward to seeing more.


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