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Furrari f80 build

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  • Furrari f80 build

    In the next month, I am going to start a 3d printed f80 build .

    I have been in the kit car industry as a consumer for 20 years and a builder for 10 of those years. I have built a 89 batmobile, diablo, and a few cobras. So I do have a extensive knowledge of what it takes to finish a build of this caliber. So far, I have been working on cutting up a detailed 3d model into pieces that will fit my 10 printers, designing the chassis, and sourcing all the parts necessary for the build.
    I am going to use f1 style suspension and powering it with a LT1 that I have lying around from when I upgraded my diablo a few years back . Planning on skinning the body panels with carbon fiber instead of fiberglass. I am having problem finding is a reputable source to make the windshield at a reasonable price. So if anyone has a place that they have used that can provide this service please private message me .
    I am only going to be making one complete car and 3 shells molded from first car to recoup some of the cost of the build.

    It will take 200+ rolls of filament on 10 3d printers to complete the body in 60 days. Total cost of the build so far is under 15k due to utilizing alot of spare components and material from other builds.

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    Welcome kalimouse.
    PM sent


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      Awesome, I will love following this. Keep us posted.


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        How about your build?


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          Great project! I'll be following along as I'm also making a Ferrari body on the CR-10 Max

          Happy to give you a few tips if you need any!

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