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  • Sabretooth

    Well, after having previously purchased "off the shelf" kits, I decided to create my own. I'm quite a way through now & have been keeping a diary of progress. Over the next few weeks I will post progress. Hope you like it

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    Looking forward to it!

    Is it a scratch build (frame up) or a panel build (DNA of old?). I’m guessing from Britland, a frame build IVA is getting more and more difficult to pass these days.


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      It's a panel build based on a BMW Z4. I would start to add some photos, however I seem to be blocked from adding photos at the moment.


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        The starting point a clean Z4:!ApUpxxXVaLqYrxHgW65E5ROUmqkq


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          Photos have to be stored on a share site unless you are a full member (or at least I think you used to be if you were a full member!)

          Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

          Iíve enjoyed watching the Tribute Automotive development of the 250 and currently the 60s style car based on a Z3.

          In the US (where I live now) itís expensive to buy any sports car as most states donít have a rigorous inspection, so they tend to hold their value better. Finding a z3 or z4 for less that $5k that isnít a complete pile, former salvage or has space shuttle mileage, is a pretty tough task.

          Years ago I brought a DNA kit over to the US (I had just moved here from the UK) and that wasnít too bad. Buying a cheap MR2 spyder (mk3) was near impossible at the time though!


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            Thanks MunkyKing, I'll start dropping photos ito teh cloud & including links.

            Next step after buying the Z4 was to strip it back. Haven't got a good photo of this. But i guess we all know what a stripped back car looks like!



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              So I've told you the choice of donor, but I guess I haven't said anything bout the build.
              My guess is , it is now about 80% complete. I'll drop some photos here, once I've sorted out the photos & worked out the best way to show the progress on the car. My gut feel is that a straight forward timeline will not work. Maybe I'll focus on a particular part of the car.

              For now I'll just tell you of the aim.
              I was looking for a prototype look, wanted to car to look "production" & have some quirky features (still looking at the BMW Z1 door option).

              That#s it for now time for get some photos sorted.


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                OK - where to start?
                I'll create directories of the components & then create some video clips of the whole car.
                Lets start with the bonnet development.



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                  I recognize that prototype build style... There’s only one person I know of that builds the buck like that!
                  Are you getting someone else to build it or have you finally decided to get an account on here?

                  Either way, I know it’s going to be a good quality kit!


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                    If you mean Brian & Ash then you're spot on! I've had a kit from them before & I think they have by far the best build quality.
                    I knew my skill was well below what would be required & so I went to a few car shows to see what was being built before discussing it with Brian.

                    We've just passed the 1st mould & that is now back on the donor.



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                      Wow! That reminds me of the BMW hommage car. Beautiful!

                      You canít go wrong with Brian and Ash. Top fellas!

                      Thatís going to be stunning.

                      In my state in the US, you are allowed to do things like chop off structural elements of the car, so the windshield chop down would be okay.

                      Any plans for an interior kit?
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                        Some Pictures of the Nose (front on ish) can be found here.

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                          Final ones for the nose (for now). Side profile.



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                            Looks beautiful, its definitely BMW's future design language too.

                            If you used cnc'd foam and cheap resin as fiberglass mould, any tips on the coating you used as a barrier?
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                              Hi - The creation of the moulds was outsourced. I'l see if I can find what barrier they use after the festive season.


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